Workplace Abuse – How You Can Deal With It?


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“Engaged employees stay for what they give (they like their job), disengage employees stay for what they get (favorable job conditions, growth opportunities, job securities).” 

As an employer, it is evident that growth opportunities and job securities will be the priority towards their employees.

But have we ever considered favorable conditions. To be precise I should say “Workplace Environment”. It’s much more to focus under which conditions employees are asked to work. 

There are some of the things that become a hindrance to achieving a goal of a healthy workplace environment, one of which is “Corporate Abuse”


What Defines Corporate or Workplace Abuse?

To understand what includes in this first let us discuss what is not such type of abuse. It’s not the occasionally moody boss or nosy co-worker, it is not passing over the promotion or disagreeing with the company’s policy, it’s above all this.

Workplace abuse is such behavior that causes workers emotional or physical harm to the employees. It can be in any form like bullying, discrimination, harassment. It’s a good saying:

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want to treat your customers.” This quote will not hold good in case of an abusive workplace.

An abusive workplace is such where employees lack the confidence to work together, or people fear to commit mistakes, where each employee sees their colleague as a competitor despite collaborator, where employees don’t take initiatives due to fear of rejection.


What Causes Workplace Abuse?

Such behavior is not distinguishable it’s rather connected and overlapped. There are many factors that contribute to such abuse.

1. Cruel People - Mean and self-centered people can poison the mindset of the whole organization. Such type of people is present in each and every organization.  They cannot be avoided but only be ignored. You should know how to tackle such “Anti-social Elements”.

2. Unresolved Anger Issues - Anger and agitation will result in a negative working environment. The issues for anger can be work-related, personal issues as well.

3. Poor Management - Poor management like not sufficient training, neglecting open communication, low morale of employees, etc will be a cause of such abuse.

4. Unrealistic Performance Expectations- Some companies’ policy of “Giving your best” can put employees under performance pressure, resulting in long working hours which is nothing but for the company, it is just visualizing a Mirage.


Symptoms of a Sick and Low Morale Workplace.

As in the case of humans, you first need to check the symptoms to confirm the disease. You cannot derive the disease without studying its symptoms. The same applies to artificial persons like companies or any organization.

The more symptoms are checked, the greater probability of being an abusive environment.

1. Gossips are used to excite and used as a source of any information. The passing of false accusations and comments and habits of such thing is one of the symptoms.

2. Lack of Friendship between professional colleagues. Lack of socializing will also add steps toward an abusive environment.

3. Secrets are used to build Alliances. Individual with confidential and privileged information which can be proved manipulative in a working space.

4. Intolerance of Mistakes due to Perfectionism can be proved to be destructive. No matter how people give their best every time, there is always scope for improvement (as per the employer). Criticism wins over praise and recognition.


Is Any Cure Available for a Disease of Workplace Abuse?

It’s always stated that “Prevention is better than cure” but some diseases cannot be prevented but only be cured. The same applies to an abusive workplace as well. With few exceptions, employees can achieve a kind and family atmosphere.

There are some of the Do’s and Don’ts which can be practiced to cure such an atmosphere within the office. First of all, do give the warning signals of any such activities like high sales, low morale, etc. 

Do promote socializing among different departments and realize that abuse not only affects the target but also their co-workers.


Workplace Abuse - an Inescapable Reality!

This is something any individual working in corporate is bound to suffer. It’s really sad how a negative workplace can impact our lives and the way we feel about ourselves. 

This situation is reaching heights, where most people go to work at jobs they dislike, supervised by people who don’t care about them, and directed by leaders who have no clue where to take the company.

Despite above, how it should be dealt with, will make a difference. It’s upon you, whether you want to be a survivor or a sufferer (Both will eventually live their lives). Your attitude and presence of mind should be dual elements driving you in such a situation. Emotion should be the last one!


Written by – Utkarsh Samaiya

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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