"Yoga Is a Key to Happy and Healthy Lifestyle" – Abhishek

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1. Tell us more about yourself and your profession.

I am Abhishek, hailing from Ambala, Haryana. I started yoga when I was in 11th standard. I have completed my secondary education from SD school from non-medical stream. One day, one of my friends suggested me to do yoga but I thought I would not be fit for yoga but then he guided me at every point and he continuously motivated me. 

Then I entered into this practice and started it whole-heartedly. I won a number of gold medals at the district level, state level, national level and then I went for ASIA yoga competition.

I learned yoga a couple of years back then I thought I should provide home classes. I tried to give yoga instructions to other students though I was very afraid. Then I tried to motivate myself and got successful in that. Further, I attended numerous yoga seminars in schools. 

I used to give some tips to the students related to yoga, I also provided classes to the children related to the yoga asana and now I am using Instagram, youtube and other social platforms for teaching yoga to the learners.

2. What is your fitness MANTRA?

8 hours sleep, a healthy diet with plenty of water and regular exercise is the only fitness mantra. In my conception, we should follow a healthy lifestyle and take proper rest that is prerequisite to our body and will definitely make our body healthy. I believe a healthy mind rests in a healthy body, it is vital to keep yourself healthy first.

3. What are some of the major misconceptions about diets and exercise?

A chunk of population don’t want to follow a diet chart assuming that is unnecessary. The biggest myth is the conception of individuals that they can eat anything if they are doing yoga regularly, even junk that is definitely hazardous for their health.

If anyone is performing yoga to get rid of a y disease, then the first and the foremost thing is to know about the disease and then proper knowledge of related asana is mandatory. If the person is doing inappropriate asana then it will be detrimental for his health. So it is necessary to practice it under the supervision and proper guidance that people usually ignore.  

4. How can one maintain a healthy lifestyle?

As I shared my fitness mantra, I believe that is universal and should be followed by all. Firstly, a person should take 8 hours of sleep daily. Secondly, he should take a proper healthy diet, lastly, he should do exercise and yoga daily which helps to enhance the immunity of the body. 

Yoga is good for our body and with the aid of yoga, we can stay fit and stress-free. For instance, Bks Iynger was suffering from malaria in his childhood then he took several medicines from the doctor but medicines did not work. Later, he started yoga that helped him to cure his disease. This shows how yoga is the only practice that can the best remedy for any disease. If we do yoga daily then it will help us to stay fit and healthy. 

5. How can one build a successful career in your field?

If anyone want to pursue their career in this field then, first of all, they should learn yoga completely with the aid of a professional teacher. Then do collect some practical insight in this field that helps a lot to make their career in the yoga field. There are numerous related option like that of a yoga trainer in schools, own start-ups or academies and so forth.

6. What is one piece of advice you would like to give someone who wishes to lose weight?

A proper diet plan supported by regular exercise chart.

7. How do diets and exercise contributes to overall well-being and happiness?

Most of the folks feel happy when they do exercise because while doing yoga they get stress-free mind. It helps in eliminating the signs of depression that further helps to improve immunity. It, therefore, becomes a reason of joy and a key to happy and healthy lifestyle.

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

Mostly I prefer to read yoga-related books but I love to read RAMAYAN in my spare time since I am much interested in holy books. These religious books help me gaining awareness about religion.  

Interview by - Himanshi

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