3 Awesome Tricks That Will Help You Stand out in a Crowd


How many of us bail after the first bit of failure? How many of us decide that they’re not good enough or they’re not the right person to do that particular job? How many of us choose to step behind and let the chances they’ve been waiting for their entire life just because they fall on their faces on their first attempt?

Gaining sight and belief in oneself is indeed everyone’s aim. It is the ability to believe that you can accomplish any task ignoring all the odds and difficulties that might present, to a certain extent, an obstacle. 

A lot of people tend to misunderstand self-confidence as an innate feeling that comes, only, to great leaders. However, what they are not aware of is how easy it is to build ones’ self-confidence. No matter if you are shy, or you’re facing some problems to socialize, or maybe you just lack experience, you can fulfill your goals by learning how to be self-confident.

Failure Should Not Be an Option:

If you lack the necessary talent or experience in a certain field just keep on practicing. Repeat the same task over and over again. Do not quit unless you realize that you can accomplish it perfectly.  Malcolm Gladwell calls it the 10000-hour rule. Whether it is a speech delivery, an athletic activity, or a cognitive exercise, if you spend enough time and energy on it if you were persistent you will end up mastering that task. 

Thomas Edison with a 10000 tries to build a light bulb, J.K Rowling, the writer of the most famous series Harry Potter, went to over 12, and the list goes on. They kept on practicing and repeating, they never gave up or accept no as an answer. Failure was not an option.

I Am the Greatest:

Self-affirmation is the first and, by far, the most important step towards confidence. Turn your negative self-talk into positive, high vibrating, supportive thoughts. Make sure you minimize the number of voices that are telling you you’re not good enough and start by working on your inner voice. Be the support you want to get from others. 

Replace the “ I cannot” with “I can do this”, “ I am strong enough”, “ I am smart enough”, “ I can solve this”, “I will succeed”, or as Muhammad Ali said, “ I am the greatest there is no one better than me”!.  Convince yourself that you are the master of your fate, the captain of your ship and you are in control of your life. Say it and you will believe it.

Remind yourself of your worth, and do not let the negativity blind you from seeing your best qualities and what you’re capable of. Stand in front of a mirror, and keep repeating to yourself how amazing you are. Write a “brag sheet”, in which mention how proud you are of your accomplishments, that will weather you from the storm. Keep telling yourself that you are the grates and you will become the greatest. 

Praise Yourself:

Instead of focusing on your failures, narrow your attention to what you did right. Even if you think that it was a complete chaotic failure, try to concentrate on the bright side of the experience. Learn how to have a wise vision that makes you spot the positivity in everything. Fix your perspective on prosperity. 

Self-confidence is a skill that requires dedication, persistence, and time. However, it is possible to shape it and develop a strong personality. 

Written by - Issleme Landolsi

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