6 Lessons From 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'

An average teenager goes through a lot during his/her adolescent years. More so if they have to be in a new environment in front of strangers. It is easy for some people to go out in this setting and interact with others to make connections. But for some, it can be not only difficult but also unthinkable.

So does being an introvert mean people live alone? No, obviously not. The movie ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ depicts a relatable story of one such teenager. The story gives out life-changing lessons throughout its run. It’s one of my favorite movies, and below I write about the things I learned from it.

Participate in Life

From the beginning to the end of the story, the importance of participating is shown. Charlie is the protagonist, he is someone who doesn’t have friends. He wants to go through his high school life as quietly and quickly as possible. Only when he takes the leap of faith and approaches another person, he finds his niche. 

Only when we participate in something we find what interests us the most. So go out there, take chances, talk to who you want to. Who knows what life has in store for you. 

Find the Right People

In the first act of the movie, Charlie struggles to fit into high school life. He has no friends, takes lunch alone. Eventually, he talks to the only senior who does not make fun of juniors and makes friends with him and through him others.

If you worry about whether people will like you and will accept you, don’t worry. What we can do is put ourselves out there, everyone is different. Yes, someone will disagree with you and would not prefer your company. But eventually, you will find people who share your beliefs and interests. You just need to have patience.

Never Judge Someone Based on Their Past

‘I would hate for her to judge me based on what I used to be like.’ Charlie says this about one of his friends. He ignores the rumors and believes what he sees in other people.


Everyone has a past, the actions and decisions we make in our past bring us to our present. People can change and deserve a second chance. This world puts a lot of emphasis on what we have done, and people judge based on that; but if you find the right people, they won’t judge you on your past and neither should you. Just have an open mind.

Mistakes Do Happen

Don’t let the fear of embarrassment keep you from doing something you want. Even if you make a mistake, It is not the end of the world. You won’t lose your friends forever. Yes, some of your actions might hurt your loved ones, and it might take some time for them to recover. But eventually, friendship and love will win over the temporary negativity. 


It is one of the most important life lessons we can learn. One of the most famous quotes from this movie is, ‘We accept the love we think we deserve.’. One should look out for themselves. 

We cannot constantly put others forward even if it hurts ourselves.


Enjoy Life

The movie tells us that whatever happens in life, the world keeps moving forward. It does not stop for anyone. So to make sure you do enjoy your stay in this world, participate. Live in the moment as it will not come back. And when you live your life to the fullest, you make good, happy memories.

The movie is a roller coaster of varying themes and emotions and touches on many topics. From mental health to child abuse, the film has a spectrum of hard-hitting moments as well. I wrote this article pointing out the subtle lessons it taught me. I would recommend this coming-of-age movie to everyone who wishes to watch something heart-warming.

Written by - Mayank Tak

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