8 Perks of Being a Good Communicator


As remarked by Aaron Goldman, ‘Communicate unto the person that which you would want him to communicate unto you if your positions were reversed’. In the 21st century, when you get to see the high rate of Globalisation, one of the most essential qualities you need to possess is communication. 

While applying for a new job or even sustaining your current one, you need to be a good communicator. Having a skill set that includes better listening and convincing helps you boost your confidence and succeed in the corporate world. Being a person who can come up with great ideas is one thing and being able to communicate those to the relevant people with the utmost perfection and them being able to fully grasp it is another. 

Communication plays a significant role right from the very beginning of one's life, you have to work on it to get better as the years go by. There are several perks that you can experience, given that you work on your ability to communicate properly.  

Better Convincing Skills

As per the views of Richard Branson, ‘Being able to effectively communicate is what separates a person from others’. Developing your communication skills and talking to people effectively can help you prove a point in better ways that your opponents will be convinced to accept your decision on specific matters.

Effective communication includes convincing the other person with confidence and influencing to some extent.

Better Listener

Hoda Kotb's opinion is that ‘Tone is the most important part of a conversation and listening is much more important than what you say’. Convincing your point in the most calming way after listening to the other person's views helps avoid conflicts. There is only one rule for being a good talker- learn to listen. 

Being a good communicator facilitates you to become a better listener so as to be better at convincing. Listening more and talking less makes you a more cheerful and reliable person.

Creates Better Relationships

There are many chances of misunderstandings between people. One word can make or break an entire relationship surviving on the thin line of trust and understanding. Communicating with the people in your life from time to time enthuses up your whole equation and imbibes in you a sense of responsibility towards the people you really care for. Just talking to your loved ones about your fears, ambitions, joys, sorrows, and listening to theirs, gives your relationships a new dimension.

Escalates Productivity

Just like taking a small vacation with someone or even alone brings about a change in the productivity factor in your life, so does effective communication with the right people at the right time. Communication fires up your productivity to a whole new level of notions and opinions and increases team building scope.  Speaking out all that you have brainstormed about and feared of the threats that are contingent at the appropriate time will lead to future publicity or save your work from criticism. 

Promotes Team Building

Communicating openly and clearly with those you report to and those reporting to you about all the new ideas that you have related to certain new topics yet to be explored promotes a huge inflow of teamwork opportunities. It is significant that you listen to the suggestions of your superiors and subordinates in crucial matters, instead of being condescending of your own abilities. Sometimes great ideas remain uncommunicated leaving behind a pile of regrets as a moment forgone is a moment lost.

Managing Diversity in the Workforce

Every workplace has multiple departments functioning with a vast number of employees of various age groups, cultures, and having the innumerable amount of views on critical topics that cannot be ignored. Diversity fuels the organization with multiple opinions on the same subject. It thus allows multiple ways to think about the topic. Communicating all such views and thought over properly to have a common conclusion can bring about a positive change in the organization. 

Preventing and Resolving Issues

Issues may arise at any point in time and between anyone, with proper communication, it is possible to prevent any challenging issue. Sometimes these issues may reach a point that it is difficult to prevent, let alone can be solved further. These may be due to any one of the internal or external factors, communicating the root cause of such issues, and the assumed solutions with utmost sincerity are vital in quick resolutions of such massive concerns.

Surviving Complex Situations

Every organization has its own set of strengths and opportunities, likewise, it has its weaknesses and threats. These threats may turn out to be a complex situation where none of the other important soft skills can assist in the need for you to survive. Being a better communicator can prove to be a significant skill. After listening and calm convincing, you can get the situation under control.

To conclude, one can realize that communication works for only those who work at it. Effective communication helps you achieve a number of other important skills for surviving in the corporate world. Being able to accurately communicate a point can fuel the leader in you to rise up and claim the opportunities in the way. That is why, communication is considered one of the 3 C's of leadership, along with character and competence. 

Written by - Saee Wagh

Edited by - Mayank Tak

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