8 Strong Keywords To Market Your Business


Marketing is all about customers and developing lucrative relations with customers. You can consider it as a trade to satisfy customers who are its most important aspect. Thus, a lot of companies spend time and effort on marketing. It’s a customer-centric process in which firms keep a check on the customer’s desires. They go through excessive research and take a survey analysis to find out what attracts most consumers.
Marketing is also like art to attract people to your firm in such a way that they find it difficult to ignore. It’s the decoration before serving a dish, the seasoning so that people find it attractive. The beauty of marketing is that it helps in building a deep relation between the consumer and the producer. A trusting bond, that deepens with the firm’s habit of keeping its promise and looking after its consumer’s concerns. There are certain keywords that would be extremely helpful in attracting consumers. Here are some:

1. You
Marketing is all about the Consumer. It is supposed to make the consumer feel welcomed and help in gaining their trust so that they believe in the firm’s capability to provide them with what they need and like. The consumer must feel important and wanted, they should feel like the firm’s primary concern is to satisfy them. Thus, “You” is a strong keyword that helps focus on the consumer and catches the consumer’s attention.

2. Free
Everyone, once in a while, craves for free things. Free is the smallest, yet the most attractive word. Its use in marketing is to a large extent. Once we add the word 'Free,' even with the tiniest of things, they catch the consumer's eye. The word Free helps one believe that they are getting something more than they asked for. The feeling of getting something extra helps influence their chances to buy the product. Thus, 'free' stands out to be a very strong word in Marketing.
3. Because
It is important to show the consumer why they need your product. It’s crucial that we make the consumer believe that they are incomplete without it, that they are missing out on something important. Humans, being proud of the fact that they are intelligent, like proving it, so, a pseudo sense of logic makes them run after it as they look for every chance to prove their intelligence quotient.

4. Risk-Free
The consumer feels safe to spend their money if they are sure that the product they are purchasing is risk-free. Marketing is all about building the bond and giving your consumers a sense of security. They need to feel safe and believe that they are in responsible hands. Humans are anxious beings and a reassurance that your product is risk-free always goes a long way.

5. Secret
Everyone loves to feel special. Thus, making your consumers feel like they are a part of something different than others will always give your marketing an upward push. We aspire to stand out and feel like we are important. Therefore, using the word "Secret" seems like they are lent onto something better, more classified. Moreover, we are curious creatures, and something that’s labeled a “secret” always catches our attention. Thus, this word fulfills the criteria for grabbing your consumer’s attention.

6. Instantly
The quick payoff theory also helps satisfy the client’s needs. Thus, most delivery advertisements consist of the word “instantly”. We want quick returns. This word attracts all kinds of people as they believe that no time will be wasted and they shall get a full return by believing in the firm.

7. Limited Time
Building a sense of urgency always helps in the long run. We might be slaves to the ticking clock, but we are also creatures who love to procrastinate. Thus, the push that this offer is applicable for only a limited period helps in making the consumers feel the sense of urgency and they strive to grab the offer within the set time limit.

8. Don’t miss
In the modern world where the fear of missing out grips our mind and we strive to achieve and get everything, the words “don’t miss” only triggers this fear. This trigger word, if rightly used, is beneficial for the company as nobody likes to miss out on good useful trendy things.
The aforementioned 8 words are simple, but when rightly used, help in grabbing attention, and thus, help in building a better customer-company relation. Any firm that suggests easy fast delivery is always chosen first, limited time and free offers are just decoration that seasons the offer.

Written by- Anwesha Basu
Edited by- Vasudha Sabharwal

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