8 Tips to Develop Your Writing Skills


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Some people write to give expression to their thoughts while others do it professionally. Writing is everywhere. Every blog we read, every movie we watch, every advertisement we come across, every form of consumable content is written by someone. 

We may love reading due to its relatability or knowledge factor. However, many of us are afraid of writing. We fear how our write-up will come across to the audience. You must have faced moments when you picked up your pen and notebook intending to write or create something new but struggled to make a well-structured piece.

If this is the case with you or you are someone who is looking to grow your writing skills, here are eight best tips for you -

1. Pay Attention to Grammar

Grammatical errors are the most common type of errors in a written piece of content. Everyone, even the most famous authors, become prey to these errors. They make a content abrupt. A written piece with frequent grammatical errors makes its readers cringe and leave it unfinished. If you are someone who wishes to make a career in writing, then, you must remember that bad grammar is taboo in the professional world. 

To make your content grammatically accurate, you should take help of tools like "Grammarly" while writing your content. However, using such tools does not diminish the importance of reading and re-reading. While writing, many errors may skip your eyes. Hence, you must read and re-read your content again and again before mailing or publishing the final draft. 

2. Organize Your Content

Your words, sentences, and paragraphs must be connected to each other. There should be a flow in the sentences. You must move from one point to another chronologically. To enable this in your content, you must read your content not as a writer but as a reader and make a note whether your content piece is scattered or held together in cohesion. The consistency of tone makes the content more comprehensible. The natural flow of writing should be maintained.You can do so by writing your thoughts in rough before beginning your content and then rearranging them to enable readers to grab its essence.

Apart from this, you must focus on presentation as well. Make sure your write-up is well aligned, underlined when necessary and formatted correctly. Use appropriate font size and other tools which make it look more presentable. 

3. Make Writing a Habit

Some of us struggle to put our thoughts on paper. The main reason for this is that we are not in a habit of writing. To improve your writing skills, you must read and write more often. You should make a diary for your thoughts or at least try to give a more tangent form to your thoughts through words.

Doing so more often, will not only increase your ability to write but also increase the level of your confidence and satisfaction in yourself. 

4. Focus on Your Topic

The topic of your content must be the framework within which your entire piece must be confined. Digressions while writing break the cord of connection with the readers and they may lose their interest in reading your piece.

Hence, you must confine yourself to the topic and build your arguments around it. To enable this, you must do a complete in-depth research work surrounding your topic. Read as much as you can and from as many sources as you can.  Remember, you will be able to write a good article only if you know and understand the topic properly.

5. Read, Observe and Listen

This policy will enable you to develop good ideas which will lead to better content. The more you read, observe, and listen, the better you understand the world and the better you understand, the more you develop ideas. You cannot be a good writer unless you observe and you cannot be a good observer unless you have patience. The art of patience can be learned only when you stop speaking and start listening.

A good writer has to be a good reader. Inculcating the habit of reading in your day to day lives is very crucial and should be developed since childhood. It will improve your writing skills and boost your imagination.

6. Make Your Content More Understandable

Some people feel that using difficult vocabulary will add value to their content. They feel that doing this will enable their work to be taken seriously. However, this is a big misconception.

Using too much of fancy words will make your content incomprehensible and abrupt. Hence, you must refrain from using such language to make your content more understandable.

7. The Tone of Your Content 

Your content can either be formal in tone or informal in tone. There are different formats and sets of words for both. You must take the purpose of your content, the medium of publishing and your target audience into consideration while building your content.

For example: Imagine writing "Hey! what's up" to your boss or "This is to bring in your kind notice that I have been hired in ABC publishing house" to your friend. Doesn't it sound peculiar?

Hence, you must be conscious of the tone while writing your article.

8. To the Point

Do not beat about the bush in your articles. This will only make it tiring for the readers and decrease their engagement. You must make points clear in simple, crisp, and effective language. Your content must be a mirror reflecting your arguments, ideas, thoughts or opinions with clarity. Your words must be original, powerful and engaging. 

The importance of good writing skills cannot be overlooked in today's fast-paced world. Good writing skills are needed everywhere and will help you out in every step of your life. They will add validation and authority to your words. Hence, you must understand the responsibility and sanctity of this process and work on your writing-skills with dedication.

Written by - Aditi Dudeja

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