Basic Psychological Needs That Everyone Should Know About

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What are psychological needs?

Psychology is the science that is used to understand a human being’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts. Psychological needs are the basic needs that a human requires for his or her psychological working and well-being.

Why are psychological needs important?

Psychological needs are important for every person. They assist a person’s mental health and ensures his or her well-being. In the absence of such needs, a person will not be able to handle certain situations since his or her mind will not be well equipped to fit in and find a solution to the situation or challenge posed by life.

Psychological needs are important but a person having more needs than he or she should have is not good for his or her well-being. He or she will likely be disappointed since he or she will expect too much from a person or give that person more than what is required.

What are the basic psychological needs?

There are 6 main psychological needs that are very important. They are as follows-

1. Growth

Growth is a very essential need in everyone’s life. If you are not moving forward, then you are just moving backward. Moving forward means growth. The first and foremost step isn’t growth, but it is surely the last step that is going to guide you to the next stage. In order to achieve something, you work hard towards your predetermined goals and once you master them, there is scope for expansion and growth.

For example: a company starts its operations initially on a small scale. Later, as it learns how to attract, keep, and expand its customer base, it earns more profits. Earning profits is not enough. A company will have to earn enough profits so that its costs are covered and furthermore, it was enough resources to expand since growth is the key to success in all fields.

2. Significance

Significance means knowing what you have achieved and got from what you did that has impacted your life in a big and positive manner. Although, the impact does not necessarily have to be big. This is the point where people regress and reconsider the change they are about to bring in their lives or already have.

Everything we do in life, every decision we make has an impact, not only on us, but also on our family, friends, and on those who are close to us. Life is all about if’s and but’s but life is also about which option you choose, which opportunity you take, what choices you make, who you talk to, and many more aspects that mold your life in the way it is right now.

3. Love or Connection

No matter how strong a person is, he or she always requires someone in his or her life with whom he or she has a connection with. It is not about being comfortable being alone, it is about the loneliness you might feel if you do not have someone for you, someone who cares about you in your life.

The connection does not specifically mean having a romantic connection with someone. It also refers to a strong connection you can have with your friend, your mother, your sister, or any of else. Similarly, love is not always loving someone and being 8in a relationship with them. It also means loving something that is not human. For example: loving a hobby, loving a show that makes you happy, etc.

4. Variety

Variety (change) is one such thing that is desired by all but not necessarily received by all. Variation is required in all fields. Nobody likes to do the same thing over and over again every day, all the time. If someone does the same work or lives in the same environment with the same people, studies the same thing, etc. he or she is most likely to get bored and thus, as a result, his or her efficiency also goes down.

Variety is desirable in all things such as studies, jobs, sports, gym training exercises, etc. It does not necessarily mean that you need variety as soon as you start with a thing. As you perform something, again and again, you get better at it and master the skill. This is the stage where variety should step in.

5. Contribution

Some people do not get satisfaction if they do their work in isolation, i.e. do not share their work, experience, etc. with other people. People want to do work or do things that contribute to something.

This contribution can be in the following forms: a student can be motivated to get better grades to contribute to the overall score of the class, an employee works hard to increase the profits of the firm, a person can start up a campaign for those who need help and contribute to the prosperity of the economy. A contribution is thus an integral part of a person’s psychological needs.

6. Certainty

Certainty is something that everyone wants in whatever they do whether its a tuition class that is going to help the child get better grades, a gym training program, or a relationship. A person wishes to have a certain amount of trust, loyalty, and certainty as to the base of any relationship, professional or personal.

In the absence of certainty, a person tends to not share everything or be an introvert simply because there is no surety that has been provided to him or her which will give him or her the desired results, etc.

Written by - Hunnar Kaushal

Edited by - Chhavi Gupta

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