Bored With Old Phrases? Check Out Some Amazing Ones Here


Imagine it is your birthday. You are receiving lots of phone calls and messages from your kith and kin wishing you happy birthday. You grew tired of dropping Thank you notes. Uttering thank you's once in every fifteen minutes seems a very murky endeavor for you. By the end of the day your thank you's become lifeless. 

Not just thank you, the common use of other phrases like ‘welcome',  ‘sorry’ ‘it’s ok’ and many more overtly used phrases makes us cheesed off.  Well, you must be looking for some alternative phrases to replace the worn-out ones. 

You might have even considered silence or a smile just in case you got irritated with the commonly used ones. Then, of course, it is high time that you pick up some absolutely unique and glamorous ones to excite your listeners. 

1. Thank You

Thank you's, often makes us bored, especially when it is your day. It could be the day when you have made big attainment in your life. It makes you the spot of showering congratulations. It could be a situation when somebody helped you out. 

Maybe every day you need to thank someone. Letting out ‘Thank you' for a couple of times is good. However, when a situation pushes you to mouth it for the nth time, you may feel disgruntled. 

Next time, use instead of ‘thank you':

-  You Are Great: Next time when somebody lifts you off the trouble, sound different and smart with this phrase. 

- I Love It / Lovely / So Delighted:  Respond to birthday wishes and congratulatory notes with either of these phrases. 

2. Welcome

‘Welcome' always succeeds ‘Thank You.’  When somebody throws you a thanking note assuming you a lifesaver or an angel in the time of desperate need, amuse them a bit more. We have heard people say ‘Oh! Please, don’t mention' in response to ‘thank you.’ Yet, there are more interesting phrases than this. 

Replace ‘welcome’ with:

- Pleasure:  It's my pleasure' is now getting old. So cut it short and just stay ‘pleasure.’ It can surely be used in formal situations as well.

- I am Pleased: This phrase means that you are really happy for having been able to lend them a helping hand. 

3. Sorry

Every time you need to apologize to anyone, make it sound genuine. A ‘sorry’ just for the sake of it is not going to serve the purpose. 

Here are two alternate phrases that underline your apologies. 

- Oh! I Shouldn’t Have Done This: This sounds much more conscientious than a  plain ‘sorry.’

- I've Been Wrong: This asserts that you have completely taken the deed on the chin and is extremely sad about it. 

4. Come In 

This is usually a command or a note of acceptance we usually have confronted in our academic as well as professional life. Sometimes an abrupt ‘come in' might sound contemptuous. ‘Come in' is particularly aimed at welcoming someone to join your circle.

‘Come, join us’ is pretty common. But it is good to replace it with new ones that appear more courteous and welcoming. 

- Step in please: This is indeed a humble and graceful way of permitting someone in. 

- Free to Join:  A very casual way of adding someone in, makes them extra delighted. 

 5. I am Very Happy

‘On Cloud Nine', ‘I am excited’ and so on happen to be the normally accepted phrases, but there are more.

Let us explore what fits  more than that

- Full of Joy: When you feel extremely happy, this phrase sounds more appropriate. You can also impart some joy to your listeners. 

- Wildly Thrilled: This phrase also serves to accentuate your happiness. 

At the same time, it is greatly important to learn that it is your tone that lends the aforementioned phrases an exceptional charm. This is why sometimes your text messages fail to extend its grace to the receiver. Never mind. Stick to common phrases if you feel your non-verbal utterances confuse someone or else emoji to make your message crystal clear.

Language is always a fun play of words. So it is too much fun and exciting to frame phrases that appear unique and fascinating. This way, you can intrigue your listeners and draw them to your conversation. If you are keen on refining your wordings, people come to you like bees to honey. 

From here on, while you engage in a face to face interaction, take care to thrill the listeners with your newly acquired expressions. Don’t forget that only if you sound real, does the use of rare phrases work wonders. 

Written by - Maryam Salim

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