Education Should Be Able to Build Your Confidence - Varsha Vasudeva

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1. Tell us more about your experience as an educator. 

I am not a full-time educator by profession I am a software engineer but as a passion, I help students with mentoring either for their academic projects in engineering or with a general approach towards studies. 

2. What is your opinion of the Indian education system and how would you like to change that?

The Indian education system as I see compared to others follows mostly a rote learning approach. Although off late most schools are leaning towards lateral learning. The rote learning approach limits the inquisitive nature of the students. 

Hence I feel they lack applying the learnings. I would give an opportunity to make STEM a major stream rather than an after school program in learning. 

3. What changes in the teaching methodologies have you seen in recent times? 

Off late most teaching methods use a lot of learning aids such as storytelling, audio and visual strips, debates and quizzes, etc, unlike olden times when we would learn that began with the statement “Assume..” 

4. How does education help one do well in their career?

Education in my opinion should be able to build your confidence in such a level that you truly become a global citizen, that irrespective of your culture or tradition can convey, well articulate your thoughts and convey it effectively to anyone in the world. 

5. You think teaching as a profession is viewed at par with corporate jobs?

Not at the moment but certainly, there is a surge in the demand for good teachers who are also held responsible in a corporate manner for eg: setting up ballpark numbers - either admissions or results, etc. 

6. How can we adopt technology to make teaching more effective?

Technology adoption should be innovative in itself when implemented. Off late we limit ourselves in technology adoption to just mere online classes, lectures, or browse the internet for information. I am talking about building a ham radio network, building my own remote controls, gaming devices, antennas or boosters, etc. 

That would really make the students skilled since they get to apply their knowledge hands-on completely. Of course, sitting behind a laptop and creating amazing algorithms is not to be left out. 

Varsha Vasudeva 

Software Engineer, Mentor

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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