Flipkart and Amazon’s Strategy to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Here’s How Ecommerce Giants are Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

The outbreak of the coronavirus was a root jolt to the world. With malls, shops, and other commercial establishments being shut down to curb the spread of the virus, the current pandemic changed life as we know it drastically. Ecommerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon is no exception to the adversity caused by the crisis, were also hit hard. During such unprecedented times, Amazon and Flipkart have announced various drastic measures to maintain hygiene at the workplace and safeguard employees and customers alike, against the global pandemic. Below are some of the innovative steps that are undertaken by online platforms.

Contactless Services:

Measures were made to make the delivery of products safe and contactless, that is during the delivery, no physical contact will be made between the delivery personnel and the customer receiving the product. In a bid to encourage contactless deliveries, Amazon stopped accepting cash for transactions, allowing only prepaid payment methods.

 Flipkart to improve sanitization at every level, introduced touchless hand sanitizing devices, which operated from the foot. While the device was not mobile initially, after grasping the necessity of it, changes were quickly made to make the design moveable. These expensive sensor-based sanitizer dispensers are emulated across Flipkart’s fulfillment centers. 

At Amazon too, from enhanced cleaning and social distancing measures to new efforts like disinfectant spraying and frequent temperature checks were adopted. 

Ensuring Safety Protocol and Hygiene: 

As these e-commerce companies recruit and manage a wide number of people working across their supply and logistics networks, it becomes imperative for them to maintain the highest safety standards. Likewise, they have taken various preventive hygiene measures across their sites. All warehouse and delivery personnel of the online sites adhere to the government and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on safety standards during delivery and the whole supply chain.

Amazon has increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning at all warehouses, including door handles, handrails, touch screens, scanners, etc. Personal protective gear such as masks is distributed among their employees. Delivery staff have to practice frequent hand hygiene and sanitization has been advised to clean frequently touched surfaces of their vehicles and delivery services.   

At Flipkart, 3,000 awareness sessions were organised, that covered 1 lakh+ employees across its facilities, on how they can minimize their exposure and ensure safety more efficiently. The company also undertaken doctor consultations at its fulfillment facilities, reduced the number of shifts in warehouses, and made Aarogya Setu mandatory.

Some additional measures undertaken by these big sites include temperature checks and screening, cleaning of surfaces, deep fumigation, availability of anti-bacterial soap and sanitizer, frequent sanitization of surfaces, installation of dust spillage collectors, thermal screen cabin, etc. 

Supporting Employees and Ensuring Their Safety:

Another important issue these big online companies face is to ensure job security to their work base. Both Amazon and Flipkart promised to be completely humane and supportive, and have ensured their employees that they will not slash salaries, provide employment to those in need, and will honor the jobs extended. Also, ensuring their wellbeing and health is another priority.

As Amazon writes on the site, “Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and we expect to invest approximately $4 billion on COVID-related initiatives, getting products to customers and keeping employees safe.” Amazon has also promised to give their staff and employees comprehensive health benefits. If a person is diagnosed with the virus, he/she will receive two weeks of paid time off, in addition to other paid and unpaid benefits. 

Flipkart also says, “Our delivery executives are covered with both life and medical insurance, and anyone who contracts COVID-19 or is placed under quarantine will be provided leave with pay and other benefits, this is irrespective of whether it was contracted on the job.” The company is constantly monitoring the health of all its employees and delivery associates using thermal scans/thermal guns. Flipkart said it is also keeping a regular track of the affected areas through its centralized security team to avoid exposure of employees in those areas.

To read more about this topic, check how Flipkart is helping employees. During these trying times, it is essential for these big e-commerce sites, that they employ such a large number of people, to deploy preventive measures and take necessary steps to protect their staff and customers and keep the coronavirus at bay. Tech-innovations and regaining the trust of customers are the most critical call of the hour for these companies, as we all collectively look forward to a brighter future.

Written by - Radhika Rathi

Edited by - Vaibhav Sharma


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