Focus on Inner Attraction and Beauty

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Today, if a beautiful woman marries an average looking man, there always exists a long list of people who would prefer bullying and commenting in a negative manner. It doesn't even matter to them if the couple is truly in love with each other. This upsets me up. 

Give and Take

Some of the statements people make are like: "
Grapes in the hands of a monkey"; "Now, this guy is also getting married, when will I get a girl?"; "How did such a beautiful girl fell into love with him?" and like.

Always remember, even if you are the most perfect human being, some people will always have a problem with you. They will try every possible means to make you unhappy. They will try to defame you, make fun of you. They will become restless if something good happens in your life. They cannot stand if you are happy.

In such a situation just remember this: A miserable person talks with his misery, a knowledgeable person with his knowledge, a poor with his blessings, and a rich person with his money.

Everyone gives what they have. Well, it's totally dependant on you for whatever you want! And for these trolls, you're already the wiser person, what should you give? You're smart enough to get it!

The Most Realistic Truth

The reality is just that all the five senses are going outwards. The physical attraction towards the outside world is more and the same attraction towards the inside world is less. This is the first and most realistic truth of life. 

Why in the world do we want to be satisfied with this outward attraction? It is only because the more you get into this outward attraction, the lesser you get from it, also you have tremendous difficulty in leaving it. This is the truth of life.

For enjoying everything, you need to invest your efforts. In this way, enjoyment through any one of the five senses releases energy and tiredness sets in because here the effort is involved. The comfort that you get to experience from doing is of a lower grade, whereas the comfort experienced from non-doing is infinitely superior. 

The deep soothing and calm one gets through meditation increases the alertness in the body, induces energy and the restlessness vanishes away.

More Questions Than Answers

The more you attempt to answer the questions about life, the more you start to realize that you have more questions than answers. This here is not a solid answer. I hope to challenge you to come up with your answers to your questions of life. Your questions are not my questions. 

No. Your questions are unique to you. For it is only when you start mastering how to answer your questions about life, that your psychological conflicts begin to fade, and life begins to make sense.

The truth is that this life is just a series of events, but this should definitely not be an excuse to ignore the duties and responsibilities assigned to you in this present life as well as the privileges to be enjoyed. 

Written by - Meghana Dalal

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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