Habits - Why and How We Should Change Them

Habits, the word ubiquitously attached with activities like reading books, drinking, smoking and many more. Habits, albeit hard to describe, can be accepted as some activities which we perform daily subconsciously. We are unaware of it, but we are doing it. Sometimes, our friends and other crony people have a better idea about our habits than we do. 

There is an omnipresent fact that a person’s habit can make him the leader of his destiny or can upend him. The big stalwarts of the world always say that their habits have played a great role in their success. 

Majority of them wake up early, do exercise or yoga, read newspapers and work hard. They prefer burying themselves in work to entertaining them. In a crux, we can say that our habits command our future to a great extent.

The modern era is an era of competition and one of outshining others. Now and then, myriad persons are running in a rat race blindly just to defeat others or usurp the winning position. 

At the end of the day, when they sit back, they always cry about the lack of motivation they possess as compared to their counterparts. This pushes them to forage motivational videos on the web.

What we all do is to sit in front of a screen and search for motivation. None of us is aware that in the meantime we have developed this as our recreational habit (as I have mentioned earlier that our habits grow subconsciously). 

We never pay heed to the fact that just by sitting and watching 2-3 videos of goading music and voices won’t help us much, to work or find motivation- we have to actively do something.  

The conundrum is that to egg ourselves to work, why do we resort to the extramural motivation and help? Why don’t we look into our being and search for it? Are we again letting the world decide our course of action? If this is so, then it’s cent per cent sure that we would end up getting more lethargic than ever. 

Why Don't We Explore Ourselves? 

Why don't we develop some habits, maybe small habits that would motivate us? If we are aware that habits let us work without us being aware of it so why not to capitalise this. If we do not exploit this opportunity, it would be rusting our precious gem bestowed by almighty upon us. Not using our resources to our advantage would be our biggest nonchalance.

We must be concerned about ourselves and work smartly and should develop some small good habits. The ones as preparing our daily schedules, time chart, reading newspapers, writing articles, yoga or exercise. Though all these habits seem to be very small and vague or that old conventional list of success.

And the question must strike in the mind of readers that how will such habits help us in achieving our goals? But the fact is that such activities do help us and for some, even become a source of recreation.

Some tips to help us to develop good habits -

1. Preparing Daily Schedules -

Preparing your daily activity chart, schedules, helps you to give sufficient and balanced time to everything in your life, be it your work, entertainment or rest. 

It helps us to ponder about how much time we are giving to different activities in our life and not to some important or essential activities such as exercise or reading. Some people prepare their schedules to develop management skills by devoting the requisite time to everything in their lives.

2. Reading Newspapers -

Reading newspapers is often neglected by people, giving multifarious excuses that it consists only negative news or reports. To those giving excuses, its important to realise that it is necessary to be aware of what is happening in our society and the world at large. 

Only when we read and learn about those incidents or events, will we be able to make a change which may lead to more positive news. Newspaper in itself is a library of current affairs and information that help us in understanding our world. So, all the knowledge that we acquire takes us a step further in our journey to success.

3. Writing -

Writing is a widely accepted way of expressing yourself. Expressing your views through writing articles, speeches, and poems helps in lightening up the writer's mind. Thus lull his mind and sets him free and happy to work for his goals. 

Writing about different things increases one's knowledge and helps him explore himself as well as different fields. All this helps in creating a broader mindset of the writer.

"It is easier said than done!"

The above quote aptly highlights our lifestyles and working styles too. It’s our utmost duty to rise and start being productive. Habits hold the key to our future, so why not to make fruitful habits than recreational ones.

Written by - Vishal
Edited by - Ivanova

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