High Time To Generate Your “Happy Hormones”!


As we all know that the whole world is suffering a lot because of this deadly Corona Virus. This virus has created havoc in our lives. There are so many companies suffering from huge losses and most of the small & medium enterprises have shut down all over the world.

Even I was about to join a company in June but my joining postponed to October because of this virus. I know so many people who have lost their jobs during this corona pandemic.

The worst part is that there are a lot of people who have lost their loved ones to this virus. What I want to convey is that wherever we see, there is negativity and misery all around. We all are facing a tough time since 5-6 months but we can’t let this virus take control of our lives and our happiness.

Only hand sanitizers and masks are not enough to keep us away from this virus but our positive attitude, peaceful mind, happiness and courage to fight back is required to win over this deadly virus.

So it’s a high time that we should start realizing the importance of being positive and happy in our lives.

I believe that being in a positive state of mind has a strong and significant impact on our motivation to do something, our productivity and well being.

So, I thought of writing this article describing the happy hormones and some ways to generate them on our own.

There are many situations in life which trigger this band of neurotransmitters (happiness hormones) which are generated by our body, but sometimes to feel happy and joyful, there are ways to intentionally allow them to flow within our body.

So, let me unveil the name of 4 happiness hormones that influence our happiness, popularly called as D.O.S.E:

D stands for Dopamine (The Reward Hormone); O for Oxytocin (The Love Hormone); S for Serotonin (The Will Power Hormone) and E for Endorphins (The Calm Hormone).

We will discuss one by one each of these happy hormones and I will let you know how to boost them. Let’s start!

1. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that drives our brain’s reward system.

I think you all must have noticed that whenever you and your efforts are acknowledged or recognized by anyone either by your boss, peers, friends, family etc, you feel happy.

Do you know why? It is because when you get praised, it gives a kick to this happy hormone which flows into your body and gives you a sense of well being.

If you see someone with lack of enthusiasm & energy, or one who doubt himself or one who has a habit of delaying something, then it gives a clear view that, this person has low levels of dopamine.

So, now when you know about this hormone, I am sure you will be curious to know how to boost this in your body? Let’s discuss!

Ways To Generate Dopamine:

1. Try to break your bigger goals into small ones and celebrate achieving even small ones. This will allow frequent dopamine release.

2. Set goals which are realistic, achievable and attainable so that you can achieve them and allow this hormone to release.

3. Take out time from your busy schedule for healthy activities like jogging, exercising that have a positive impact on your life.

4. Try to spend at least sometime in sunlight. You get Vitamin D from sunlight and it helps in production of brain chemicals like dopamine.

5. For non-vegetarians, you should include fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks in  your food to get Vitamin D and For Vegetarians, you can have dairy and grains products to help your body synthesize Vitamin D.

6. You should try to make new goals before finishing your current one so to ensure regularity of dopamine flow.

7. If you are an employer, do not forget to recognize and appreciate your team member’s efforts, especially during such hard times, even if you send a happy mail or give them a bonus, it will increase their happiness (dopamine boosts) and also increases their productivity and willingness to work.

2. Oxytocin is often called as “A love Hormone” or “A Cuddle Hormone” which has allowed us to become social creatures.

Do you even know that when Oxytocin releases in our body, it strengthens our relationships and creates trust and intimacy.

A very famous doctor, Dr. Paul Zak-a scientist who explores what makes people good or bad, very well explains that a touch can not only raises Oxytocin but also reduces stress and improves immune system of an individual.

Ways To Generate Oxytocin

1.Give your loved ones a hug. You will be surprised to know that Dr. Paul Zak recommends 8 hugs per day.

2.Rather than just doing handshakes, go for a hug. Yes of course, not during this corona period!

3.I am sure that you have noticed that whenever you gift something to your wife or children, for that matter to anybody, they feel happy. Do you know why? It is because after getting a gift, Oxytocin is released in one’s body leading to happiness.  So, Keep Gifting!

4.Try to spend time with your loved ones and be kind to others, this also releases Oxytocin. I am sure Corona has given you enough opportunities to spend time with your family! Notice that whenever you are with your family, you are happy. This is because of this happiness hormone. Also, Eat with your loved ones, you will be happier!

5.Try to pursue a hobby. Everyone in this world has a passion for doing something so try to take some time from your schedule for doing that particular thing.

3. Serotonin is  a neurotransmitter which flows when you feel important or valued. If a person has low serotonin levels, he may feel lonely and depressed.

Do you know most of the antidepressants focus on increasing the levels of Serotonin in one’s body. I am sure that now you understand the importance of this hormone!

When somebody tries to get your attention by even using unhealthy means, this shows that the level of serotonin in his/her body is low and the person is trying hard to raise its level.

Ways To Generate Serotonin

1.Try to relive your past achievements and victories during a stressful day. Express gratitude to yourself for all the good things that you have experienced in your life.

2.You must try to have your tea or coffee in sunlight. When you sit for at least for 20 minutes in sunlight, your body absorbs UV rays hence promotes level of Vitamin D in your body and thereby generating Serotonin.

3.Exercise Daily! If you don’t have time for half an hour or so, try taking a brisk walk and see the magic. Do you know what, it lifts your mood.

4.Eat food which is rich in Omega 3 and Carbohydrates like ghee, nuts, bananas, oats etc. Also, you should not forget having milk at bedtime.

5.There is a good news for Pet lovers. Research shows that petting a dog or cat for just 15 minutes releases Serotonin hormone. It reduces stress, lowers BP and keeps you away from depression and loneliness.


4. The last is Endorphins: This hormone acts as a mask to your pain and discomfort. It helps you to alleviate your anxiety.

You might have seen that there are some people, who, when feel pain, stops doing that task because they can’t fight against their pain, On the contrary, there are some people who continue to practice that task fighting with their pain.

Endorphins are the reason behind it. It allows you to push harder when you work towards a particular goal.

Ways To Generate Endorphins

1. Laugh harder! Do you know what? Laughter releases this hormone in your body. Try watching laughter shows with your family. Even during a stressful day, search for videos that make you laugh. I can suggest you to watch “The Kapil Sharma Show”! Yes, I do watch this show with my family!

2. A good news for chocolate lovers! Having a dark chocolate and spicy food also releases endorphins. Honestly telling, whenever I feel any kind of pain, I always eat dark chocolates. Yes! It is a magic!

3. Strange, but keeping scented oils around you also releases this happy hormone. So keep lavender flowers at your home and office. It will help you feel happy while working!

4. Medidate! Yes meditation promotes relaxation, self healing and well being. It reduces our pain and stress. It also triggers this hormone.


So now when you know in detail about these happy hormones and how to boost them, I think you should try them and always be happy. Try to ignore negativity around you. Be positive; keep your family happy and safe during this corona pandemic. Live your life fully!


Written by - Anshika Gupta

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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