How to Ace the Art of Anchoring


Anchoring is an interesting skill that anyone can master in. All you need to do is some practice and then light up the event. Practicing is not hard but it is more oriented to your own capabilities. You can’t do it until unless you are confident about yourself. Being confident about yourself also improves your overall soft skills. Being an anchor means you are more socially connected to everyone because it is qnchor’s main task. If you want to impress your friends and audience of an event and don’t know how to ace the art of Anchoring, follow the given tips and ways you can improve your Anchoring skill.

Be Confident

Like it is mentioned before, being confident is very important. You cannot become a good Anchor if you keep trembling or being nervous on stage. So the most important thing is to be confident. Just understand it like you are talking to your friends or relatives. The way you talk is also very important. Also, your confidence will give an insight to the audience of how much professional you are in Anchoring. For an impactful anchoring, you also need to work on your communication skills which is the next tip for you.

Good Communication Skills

When the stage is ready and you are on stage, the whole event is now on your shoulder. Your communication with the audience will decide the success of an event. So here you need to work on your communication skills. Your every moves, your comments and your expressions are all counted under this. Think about how you can catch the attention of the audience and light up the event. It all depends on your communication skills. Don’t make the event boring. Have short but very impactful comments or script. Connect to the audience, Have a smile on your face. Also, be good at making and saying punch lines. But also keep in mind that you can’t be perfect all the time and nobody is perfect. What will you do when you do mistakes, how you can cover it or makeup that mistake into something interesting. You need to be creative, which is the next important tip for you.


Handling a big event is not that easy and making an event perfect is also anchor’s responsibility. Nobody will watch the news if the news anchor keeps saying sorry for his/her mistakes or it will be damn boring if you keep speaking long lines on something. Here you have to apply your creativity. Here applying creativity means giving a type of back support to your Confidence and Communication Skills. Right from the start by your own creativity and practice, you became confidence and you also became good in communication skills.

But think about a situation where you forgot your lines or script in the middle of the program or you said something wrong (like saying the wrong name). Here you have to control the situation by making or creating up new on the spot script so that nobody gets to know about what mistake you did. It is a bit difficult to be creative because you don’t when and what type of mistake you will do. It all depends on your own creative skills. You should be innovative.

Being creative doesn’t apply to your covering up mistakes but also when you encounter something unheard when you are communicating live to the audience. Here you have to be prepared about the unheard topics or even unwanted topics. More you will be prepared the situation will more in your control. And that’s all depends on your own innovation if something goes wrong.

In conclusion, being an anchor can be easy or can be damn hard, it all depends on you and your practice. The fact that everyone doesn’t really know that everyone is born anchor. You do anchoring everywhere while talking to your groups of friends or while engaging in talks with family members. When you show your communication skills and try to get the attention of everybody, the same thing an Anchor tries to do on stage or in the studio. Also, don’t think that it is just like a piece of normal art which is needed only at times of some School/College events. anchoring is a major and potential job category around the world. The pay scale of anchor can vary between $2000 to $19000 per annum in India. In some cases, it touches more than a crore. So believe in practice and believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.

Written by - Aditya Raj
Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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