I Have also Been Awarded as Best Youngest Teacher In India - Sarvesh Kakkeri

1. Tell us more about yourself and your life.

My name is Sarvesh Kakkeri. During my school days, I carried multiple ventures such as selling school projects, taking on ground surveys for real estate companies, selling pudding, and also customized mugs and T-shirts.

Over a period of time by running such small ventures, I discovered marketing, pricing, sales, negotiation, etc on the ground level which I think no B-school can teach. Activities that take place on the ground level cannot be learned through textbooks.

I happened to take science after my 10th boards. During these wonderful but stressful 2 years, I started interning in marketing start-ups and also pursue web development courses. (This was the best decision that I had made of not wasting my time)

Immediately after 12th, I got a merit seat in an Engineering College in Belgaum (KLEMSCET) in Computer Science. I attended for a couple of weeks and decided that I need to start something of my own!

So, along with my best friend for a very long time Shivani, we started a company named Cubiccode Digital Media LLP - a Govt. Of India

Registered & ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Cubiccode provides numerous digital solutions for clients of all sizes across different sectors, ranging from small businesses to global corporations. We have successfully catered our services to more than 200+ clients, in India and Abroad.

Due to such an impressive wide portfolio, we got recognized in Top 10 web development start-ups of the year 2019 by Silicon India. Cubiccode was also awarded the title of Most Outstanding Web Development Company 2019 - Karnataka at AI Global Excellence Awards 2019.

With all the industry experiences over the years, we decided to start a training school that provides updated curriculum, practical and in-depth knowledge which is required in the current market.

To date, we have trained over 1,000+ students at our school and received a whopping 90% success rate. I have been fortunate to have given talks at TEDx, management schools, and also at corporate levels. I was featured in TOI, MEDIUM & 30+ channels.

I have also been awarded as "Best Youngest Teacher In India" at India Education Awards 2019 supported by Zee Business.

2. What led you into the field of Entrepreneurship?

I always wanted to start something of my own. I undertook the entrepreneurship path at the age of 12. I loved servicing the customers, seeing them happy, providing them support. 

I personally loved the process. Building products, Marketing, micro-managing finance, and most importantly Sales. I carried multiple ventures such as selling school projects, taking on ground surveys for real estate companies, selling pudding, and also customized mugs and T-shirts.

Although my primary motive behind the entrepreneurship path was to provide more and more employment.

4. If one wants to contribute and make a difference in the Entrepreneurship space, how can they do it?

Start! Everything comes at a later stage! The first step is to start. As Richard Branson said, “screw it, let's do it.” If, as an entrepreneur, you really want to make a difference, you should definitely check out Kunal Shah’s Delta 4 theory. 

It wonderfully explains efficiency scoring. Efficiency Scoring: Any business upgrade we do, which is efficient as compared to previous business model/product which makes getting back to a previous way of business moderately irreversible.

Efficiency score can be calculated by calculating the % of people adopted your business divided the number of people sticks around after a specific period of time. An example can be buying mobile phones online compared to buying it in stores. 

A fairly large number of people have accustomed to buying a mobile phone online compared to a brick and mortar store. Right there, they got offered efficiency and people adopted it. the people who offered the efficiency have found their pot of gold(Sachin & Binny Bansal, Flipkart).

5. Who is your role model and why?

To be honest, as I mentioned earlier, I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12. The only role model I had back then was my mom.

As Manoj Bhargava said, “A mother teaches more management lessons than any MBA professor.” And that’s true. The way a mother manages the household finance which is giving by her husband through the month. 

The way she plans the next day well in advance, the way she manages and maintains a relationship with everyone. Each and every quality of a mother is worth admiring and we should all learn from them.

6. What are some of the challenges and roadblocks you have faced along your journey?

We had a tough initial period getting clients on board. Starting a business venture in tier2 the city is very challenging compared to metro cities in India. 

There are difficulties in finding properly skilled talents to work with, the client’s payments are always due and never on time, its very difficult in convincing the business owners from tier2 cities to move their business on a digital platform, where they have been practicing their traditional business techniques for decades! 

But As they say, for every problem there is a solution! In the same way, it is possible to build a successful startup in a tier2 city.

Stuck with inertia from their traditional practices, most business owners in Belgaum didn’t see the value in taking their business digital. As a consequence, Cubiccode struggled to get their initial break. We started in May 2016, we weren’t able to capture a single client until mid-August. 

Realizing we would soon face the reality of going under if they didn’t change their strategy, they tweaked their pitches, lowered costs, provided incentives, and became digital evangelists. Today, we have a roster of 200+ clients, not just from Belgaum but from all across India and the world. And they aim to serve over 300 clients before the year is done.

7. Your opinion about the current situation with respect to your industry ?

Due to the Pandemic, two industries have made huge profits. One is the healthcare industry (for obvious reasons) and second is the digital industry (that involves, OTT platforms, Ed-tech, e-commerce, etc.). 

Thus, we being in the Digital media industry we are not much affected by the pandemic (we have been lucky) , the way other industries have been affected. But since we cater most in the startup space and SME, due to the low and slow cash flow in the market we have been running low in our revenue, but we are grateful that we did not saturate.

-Mr. Sarvesh Kakkeri
Business Head.
Cubiccode Digital Media LLP (www.cubiccode.in)
Phone:+91 8050203399 , +91 9108101795
Email: sarvesh@cubiccode.in , biz@cubiccode.in

Interviewed by - Dhairya Gangwani 

Edited by - Vayun Sahni

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