If Everything Fits the Bowl, It Goes on My Blog - Anushka Mishra

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My story goes back to when I was in my first year of college when I practically had all the time in the world. Blogging was pretty new to me at that time and there were hardly any food bloggers. 

I started the page just for my love for food, I loved trying new dishes and clicking pictures of it which birthed an idea which was named Getmemorefood.

2. Which is your favorite cuisine and dish?

I honestly can’t pick one but only if I have to, I’ll pick North Indian/Mughlai Cuisine. I am a die-hard Butter Chicken lover. Give me Butter Chicken and I’ll be happy for the rest of the day.

3. Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

For me, it was more of a passion than my career. I never really saw it as an income source. I remember when I started the page, I didn’t even know it was a whole industry and people get paid for it. But, yes, obviously, if you put in regular time and effort it can surely be a career option.

4. Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

Great Shawarmas at Tummy Section. Penne Mushroom in Tomato Cream Sauce & Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna from Big Chill, Khan Market. Tandoori Momos from Echoes, Satya Niketan. Last but not the least Butter Chicken from Embassy, CP, or Havemore, Pandora Road.

5. What makes you appreciate a particular dish or a restaurant and talk about it on your blog?

First thing first, obviously the taste, if the taste is not up to the mark you’ve already lost me as a customer. Now, we can’t compare a street-side joint to a big restaurant. 

So for a good dine-in a restaurant, I always look for the experience, it’s always important to note how the staff is reciprocating, are they responsive, are they courteous, etc. So, I guess if everything fits the bowl, it goes on my blog!

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

Gol-gappas maybe! It’s just that gol-gappas fit in anywhere, some call it Panipuris, some call it puchkas but they still remain a favorite everywhere. Not being a narcissist here, though. 

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I actually started reading or you could say tried my hand at reading this lockdown. I personally loved The Palace of Illusions a Novel by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. 

So, I am sure everybody knows the story of Mahabharata, this Novel describes the same through the lenses of Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. It is a very interesting read; I just couldn’t keep the book down until it was done.

- Anushka Mishra

- Interviewed By: Anurag Jaiswal

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