Importance of Learning a New Language


Amidst the increasing integration and connectivity with the whole world during this Corona-Virus pandemic, the importance of mastering communication skills is dramatically raising as to manage new bossiness opportunities open to the entire world.

That is why one must cease this full lockdown of the cities and work harder on developing his soft skills; chief among which fully mastering new languages.  

A famous Proverb from Czech states “learn a new language and get a new soul” which is totally real and worth it as learning new language fuels your enthusiasm, passion, and excitement for your life. In this perspective, there are five surprising major reasons that will convince you to take a new course for a new language.

1. Learning New Language Is Mapping for Your Future Success

It is undoubtedly that the more you speak different languages the more you will be open to the job market not only in your city but even to other countries around the globe and it would be a great sign that you are on the right track towards ensuring financial stability. It takes no genius to guess that most of the successful entrepreneur nowadays are either mastering 5 or more languages or on their process learning it while hiring youngsters to help them out during this time when the team working.

The fact of point, the contemporary psycholinguist Frank Smith asserts that language is the missing key to nurture your environment with a plethora of opportunities to connect, reach people out, communicate and even build a business with them. He depicts all this potential in one statement “one language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”.

2. Languages Are the Best Stimulus for Your Brain Activity

It goes without saying that the idea of learning a new language itself is very challenging, regardless of the long process of comprehending and memorizing it. The least to say about it is that it takes guts to start learning and seeking something that is by necessity out of your comfort zone.

Consequently, any attempt to memories new vocabulary, understand grammar rules, practice the speaking parts of the language is in a nutshell a stimulus to activate your brain activity. So whenever you got the urge to learn a new language don’t hesitate for a second, it might be your universal call for enrichment, connectivity with the world, empowerment for yourself, and your business. 

Adding to that, a study was conducted on a group of multilingual people and the monolingual group of people has shown that the cognitive behavior of the earlier group has developed way better than the latter group. This can be only another reason to start learning during all the afforded free online courses with the most famous websites and international learning centers. To mention but a handful of them we have the British Council, Udemy, Coursera, and Future Learn

Henceforth, crab this generous opportunity and seize it to its fullest.

3 One Way to Sharpen Your Soft Skills

How many times you felt excited, clever, and most importantly valuable just because you answered correctly when your teacher surprisingly asked you during the course, and no one else answered? 

Well, It feels exactly the same if you encounter a tourist or even a foreigner asking for help or guidance to show him a road or directions and you manage to help him since you can speak and understand their native language. It feels even better when you can easily communicate face to face or even virtually with people from other parts of the world and your get your deal rapidly or enjoy a debate on the international level and with people from different countries.

One way to reach all of these great sentiments is by learning a new language, enrolling in communication sessions with a non-native language. One of the long lists of programs that can help you is the Soliya Program so go and check it.

The advantages of being bilingual and Multilanguage are quite appreciated in our time especially that it enhances your self-value, your self-confidence leading to a high rate of self-esteem. That would reinforce nothing but a more high level of productivity and creativity.

4 Your Ability to Develop an Astonishing Cultural Perspective

Rita Mae Brown, a well-known  feminist American writer emphasizes that “language is the road map of a culture.” It tells you where its people come from and where they are going”. With that being said, the core idea is quite obvious if you seek to know a culture, its people, or interests then you ought to learn their language.

In order to cultivate your skills of fruitful interaction, communication, and most leadership regardless of the milieu you are seeking to accentuate these skills within it, you must master their dominant language. For language is not only part of their culture, but it is the key you will use to decipher and interact with that particular culture.

Language, constantly shifting and regenerating, embodies numerous traits, tails, features, and embedded signs of that specific society. That’s why the more you know languages the more you know about societies and their systems of function. In other words, it makes you more open-minded, down for new experience, and above all ready to engage within multinational spheres. 

Countless are, indeed, the reasons that vehemently reinforce the necessity of learning new languages, but the aforementioned are the most important ones. With the globalization hitting the world, the urge to be at the center of job demands, among the best personal brands, and a great communicator in real life is of utmost significance, and the single yet accessible tool to it is language.

Don’t waste your time and efforts being normal, long for excellence, and start learning new languages via reading books, listening to audible stories, or even downloading applications and getting useful from this virtual world.

Written by - Syrinne Landolsi

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