Insights on Instagram by an Influencer: Karan Singhal


What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?
I used to visit a lot of restaurants and I started posting the pictures that I clicked there on my Insta page. People started liking my content, the number of followers on that page kept increasing which inspired me to post regularly and post even better content. 
I post mainly about food and especially homemade food. I post a mix of street food  restaurant food and homemade food that tantalizes the taste buds of the viewers 📷

How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?
Blogger is one who has a proper blog while an Influencer is that person who has a considerable following on any social media platform that can influence people with their work. I inspire people to work hard in spite of a busy working schedule.

Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?
Oh! yes. Influencer marketing has seen exponential growth over the last couple of years and if you are good in your area, there you will go heights in no time. A good influencer/blogger earns way more than your regular office goer does.

What do you think influences consumer behavior?
The consumer is clever now. People nowadays know that influencers do promotions for the sake of money, so the consumers think twice to tey that product. Hence, the promotion should be genuine.

Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.
It is for good as well as for bad. It is good in the sense that it will remove competition for likes. People will start posting content that they genuinely like unlike nowadays where everything is posted for likes. But this decision is equally bad because anyone will by a few thousand followers and will become an influencer overnight. Since the engagement on posts won't be visible, you can't tell whether his following is genuine or fake.

What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?
My mantra in life is simple: no pain no gain.. you have to work tour ass off to achieve what u wish for .. and life has no shortcuts.. bas karm karte raho.. fal ki iccha mat karo.. wo uppar baitha hai.. wo insaaf dega ek na ek din aapke kaam ka.

Basically from New Delhi, I am a Creative head by profession and Food blogger by passion. I started food blogging in 2017 and now have a page of over 100k followers on Instagram with a connoisseur profile on zomato.

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