Insights on Instagram by Influencers: Srishti & Vaibhav


What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?
We operate Riseofflavours on Instagram which is all about Food, Food, and Food! We started this account  1.5 years ago. Frankly speaking, we started this page out of the fun! Complete Amateurs having no knowledge about how to operate a food page on Instagram. But as people say, the experience can teach you a lot. The same happened in our case! We started exploring new places, met new people, got inspired by famous bloggers, faced failures, celebrated successes and all this made Riseofflavours an important part of our lives.
Well, Food is love and writing is passion. So, what can be better than doing something that we love and are passionate about? Nothing! Obviously. So, this started Riseofflavours. The only thing that motivated us to continue this account was free food! (Yes, we both are true foodies) But, later Riseofflavours became so dear and important to us that we started exploring ways on how to make Riseofflavours a success! 
Today, Riseofflavours promises to give it’s the audience a journey of exotic flavors; rich in taste; satisfying to the soul! Be it a small cafe of South Delhi or the famous street food of East Delhi, Riseofflavours has everything for your craving soul! Started as the zomato reviewers, then the Instagrammers and now own our own website as well.

How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?
There’s a difference between a blogger and an influencer. A blogger is someone who writes blogs and an influencer is someone who has the potential to influence its audience. A blogger can be an influencer as well if their blogs have the potential to influence people. Talking particularly about Riseofflavours, it’s a combination of both. We write blogs and we know that those blogs have the ability to influence the people around us! 

Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?
Well, it all depends on how you work and how creative you can be. And most importantly you need to work hard and with utmost dedication. Everything starts with your comfort zone. At first, we used to cover places that we can afford but as the page grew, things changed in a positive manner. Apart from the monetary terms, being an influencer requires to be able to spend a good amount of time getting content, making proper edits, writing winsome captions and a lot more! 
 Also, talking about what we can earn from it, I won’t say that all people get paid today but yes many do get paid on a regular basis. It’s just that your content should be able to attract or influence more and more people. Just be you, be unique and you’ll surely be recognized by many people.

What do you think influences consumer behavior?
The consumer wants something promising, informative, and unique. Even if I consider myself as a consumer, my approach to buy or see something gets changed if I see the same, monotonous stuff every day. I will strive for change. That’s the same thing that every consumer strives for. We want new and trustworthy things before we consider buying something. And most importantly something that we have an interest in. Same way, if we talk about the influencer market and its audience, we need to figure out what interests our audience, provide complete information, and try to post something new or unique.  We might face criticism at times but that shouldn’t stop us, that should be a lesson for us and we should keep going. A regular check on consumer behavior is indeed important to work in a better manner. Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.
Instagram is thinking of removing the “likes” option because they feel that the audience should focus on content rather than the number of likes. And that’s the reality as well. Today, people are so focused to get more and more like regardless of the content they post. Getting a large number of likes has become the only motive in today’s times. Even the companies approach influencers with good reach and likes. So the focus has become concentrated only. So if Instagram removes this feature, it might demotivate the influencers. They might stop posting or creating content. So, the best Instagram can do is introducing an alternative to this feature which will focus more on the content.
And no matter what, Riseofflavours will continue to influence its audience with its cool content! We truly respect what Instagram is doing and will continue to amaze its audience with something new and unique.

What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

Our mantra in life is to be happy always no matter what. We might face failure or get success, we should always keep a positive approach towards life. No matter what, we must go on, we should accept everything happily and try to make the best of everything. Failure should never stop you. Just give your best and make things happen.
We believe in is: Choose kindness, Laugh Often, and Travel the World. So, yes we are wanderers that’s why we wander from place to place to create drool-worthy content for our loving followers. 

Hey guys, this is Srishti and Vaibhav, two foodies from Delhi. Srishti is a Mathematics graduate and is now preparing for Actuarial Science. Vaibhav is a BCA graduate and a digital marketer. Both share a common love for food and that sums up their life. 

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