Journey of Photographs from 1837 to 2020


Pictures play an important role in our life. We click, we edit, we post and share our memories with our friends and family. In the world of social media, everyone is has at least one social media account where they try building their personality by uploading pictures and videos.

We click pictures which completely defines our personality. But do we ever think about how these photographs came into the existence?

It was 1839, from where the era of photography begins. It was American photo enthusiast, Robert Cornelius who clicked the world’s first picture. He put the camera on stand removing the lens cap, after that he ran into the frame and on the back Robert had written ” The world’s first light picture ever taken 1839 ”.

Importance of Photographs in our life

1. Photographs Tells Us What Is Important to Us

If we talk about of the importance of photographs, we can simply ask people about the situation in which you have to pick up your possessions from your burning home. Most of the people will choose photograph album or a computer with their digital images.

Interestingly they would choose photographs rather than their valuable jewelry. One photo is powerful enough to remind you of an event or an occasion. Memories that were lost somewhere, you can bring them back by just looking on the pictures.

2. Photographs Tells Us of Our Origin

Being small, we have a lot of questions about our birth. We often ask questions seeing our parent’s wedding album that where the hell am I? but for those little kids they are the most genuine questions.

So their parents show them the pictures of their birth. So by having a look on those photographs they got satisfied.

3. We Can Share and Communicate Through Pictures

Because of the basic human nature, we share the things which we find beautiful. There are millions of people sharing their personal passionate experiences and something quirky with photographs to the world. Our photographs can even involve strangers in our life that is so powerful.

4. Photography Is a Complex Language to Understand

Pictures can express emotions of joy, happiness, sorrow and sympathy. Every emotion can find a place in photography. We upload pictures on our social media handles where we post our mood stories.

So by just seeing your story, people connected to you came to know about the emotions you are feeling that time. So photography is the great way to communicate without even saying anything.

5. Photography Can Make You an Artist

In today’s world, photography has a great scope. Film industry, media, magazines, newspaper is growing day by day, so there is a need of an excellent photographers.

You can achieve this goal if you are having great photography skills in you. If you are the one who loves to capture beauty in the camera so start practicing now!

World Photography Day 19th August

World Photography day is celebrated on the account of the invention of Daguerreotype that happened in France,1837 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre. On August 19, their invention was registered with the patent office.

That’s why this day is celebrated as the world photography day. On this day, the whole world communicates their feelings and treasures their memories through the magic of pictures.

Photography Day in Different Countries

United States of America

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook sponsors the photographic events in America. There is World Photographic Forum, a competition for amateur photographers in which they can compete and win valuable prizes.

 A team of specialized experts in photography announces the winners. This forum respects every artist and encourages them to grow and expand their talent.


France is considered to be the founder of National picture Day. This country pays the particular attention to all the celebrations dedicated to the event. It hosts many exhibitions and competitions in which not only professionals but also beginners takes parts in the events. As a rule French men take this event very seriously and actively. They combine love with photography.

United Kingdom

On this day, people of UK mainly focus on the country’s social issues. Many exhibitions are held, the main purpose of which is to talk about the most important issues that concern British Society.

They take photography to another level in which they concern social influence. People from all over the world can participate in this competition and can win valuable prizes.


In India, they mainly focus on the support of aspiring photographers. Several competitions and exhibitions are held to help the novice photographers to improve their knowledge and skills. These competitions are organized at school and college levels so that children can find their talent in photography.

How you can Celebrate Photography Day?

1. Visit Places and Click Interesting Photographs

The best way to use your holidays is to move around your surroundings and explore the world. You can capture some really interesting and amazing things. You can visit places like mountains, hill stations, zoo parks, fields etc. This will not only rejuvenate you but will also going to fill your life with great experiences.


2. Come Close to Nature

Our nature is full of wonderful things that we can capture in our cameras. Moving out of your homes and enjoying the goodness of Mother Nature. Capturing moments of animals, birds, trees, land and sky will soothe your soul. Moreover nature gives you everything, so we must appreciate its beauty by capturing it and share it with the world.

3.Start Your Own Picture Project

If you want to improve your photography skills then this is the best way in which you can click pictures on daily basis so that you can analyses your mistakes and start improving day by day. You can also start this by clicking pictures of different interests like nature, technology, food, art, colors etc.

4. Start Your Own Photo Blog

Once you start improving your skills of photography, you can take your skill to a level by starting your personal photo blog. In this way, you will get recognition from the people who will look on your photographs and by this; you can communicate with the world by your clicked pictures.

5. Go for Some Edits

This can be a good way in which you can go for some edits to your old pictures. In this way, you will recall your beautiful memories with your loved ones. Adding filters and cropping will give your pictures a beautiful fresh look. College is a great way to connect your photographs and frame a great story depicting yourself.

6. Post Pictures on Social Media

In this world of social media, people around the world are posting pictures on daily basis. They post pictures and interact with the world. Picture is the great way to communicate without even saying anything. A single picture speaks a lot of things, shows different emotions which transmits the unsaid sentiments of your heart.

7. Present Pictures or Photograph Frames to Your Loved Ones

Gifting photograph frames on beautiful occasions is the first choice of everyone because it reflects the relation between the two people who shares beautiful memories together. It then becomes a symbol of the relation and bond they posses together.

Written by - Simranpreet Kaur Rattu

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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