Make Originality Your USP - Ayushi Singh

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

My name is Ayushi. I’m a graduate, a CA final student and a food blogger as well. I’m an avid book reader, love travelling and love to write too. Food and music means the world to me. My interest in clicking food pictures was ever since I got a good smartphone but never ever I thought of creating a page for the love of food back then. 

I flooded my personal account highlights with food pictures and then last year I thought let’s just do it and showcase my love to the right audience. So that’s how @twistingthetaste came into existence. 

It’s been 1.1 years of this blog and the journey has been really great. From restaurant review to homemade food and recipes I’ve really enjoyed this period and I’m thrilled to see what the future beholds.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

Immediately after my Pune’19 trip I decided to just start with posting so to be specific I started on 29.06.2019. Two of my very good friends were already in this blogging industry (@tandooribeer) so they educated me about how things work here on Instagram like how many posts are enough, hashtags, consistency etc. 

Also since I was having a lot of food pictures already from the past trips and restaurant food it was easy to be regular. Ever since lockdown everything changed and all the photography skills are optimistically used at home.

3. Is vlogging and YouTube content creation a financially sustainable career?

According to me definitely YES only and only if you are enthusiastic, creative and most importantly “patient”. Youtube is dynamic and the trends keep on changing so you’ve to be steady in terms of changing your strategies. Your vision should be absolutely clear. 

If you’re thinking of making Youtube as a career, always keep your plan B ready too because you can reap benefits only if you’re consistent and patient. If you master the art of creativity you can turn out any platform financially sustainable. Patience is the key I believe.

4. Who is your favorite creator and why?

My favorite creator from Youtube has to be Chef Sanjyot Keer (@myfoodlab). I totally love his easy recipes and the photography is some next level and really inspiring. The other favorite is Bharatzkitchen. 

The way he delivers is so homely and the relatability is just too high. The connection he builds with his audience is amazing. Best gift a creator gets is when people identify themselves with him and trust me he’s nailing it.

5. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

My mother is my inspiration. She’s been cooking for more than 30 years now and like all mothers are she’s a perfectionist. We both are equally crazy for street food as well as authentic Indian food. 

Lockdown didn’t affect us much in terms of continuing the blog as everyday we used to eat something unique. God bless my skills and mom’s innovation which turned out too good for @twistingthetaste. 

Now we spend a definite portion of time discussing all the fusions we can try with a particular ingredient and then make dozens of dishes with that. I’m grateful to my mother for everything she has done so far. Also inspiration can be found anywhere it’s just you need to be aware enough to see it.

6. What does your typical day look like?

Since I’m a student, most of the time is reserved for studies. As soon as I wake up and finish my morning tea, I sit back and prepare my morning post as I edit my videos and pictures a day before I just think of a good caption in the morning so that there’s no fuss. 

Rest of my day is dedicated to studying, reading, yoga and two more intervals in which I check Instagram and post on my feed. If we are cooking and shooting then I dedicate good 4-5 hours to it in which editing is done in those hours only.

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

My favourite book is “Mind Platter” by Najwa Zebian. I read this book in 2018 and I still read it every day. Mind Platter is a reflection of things we all humans face in our life. The beauty of this book is that you will be bound to question yourself and see what you are up to. 

It will heal you and make you love yourself even more. Talking about the author, Najwa has been an inspiring soul. It’s been two years of knowing her and I’m watching her grow immensely with so much of compassion and love. I saw her first on TEDx Talks and that 15 minutes blew my mind off. 

She's an exceptional human being and her contribution to make the world a better place is remarkable. Her words are life to us. I'm glad to call her my favorite author. Much love to the lady.

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

For all the future creators, I would like to say that focus on creating your own original content. Make your ORIGINALITY your USP. Be passionate about what you do and figure it out if this is really your passion or just because others are doing you will do it too. 

Secondly, have patience i.e. a lot of patience. Nothing worth comes easy so yeah. Things can frustrate you when you see no growth but never feel disappointed about it. Be consistent as well as creative. Believe in your content and don’t fall for any sort of rat race. 

Always remember that followers are just numbers, the satisfaction you get by being involved in the process of creating content is beyond beautiful. Trust your instincts and do what you love. Live for the satisfaction because we all know deep down if it’s for real or not.

- Ayushi Singh, Blogger

- Interviewed by Shilpy Sharan

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