2020: A Year to Live in Nostalgia

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Life is a mess and we can never deny this fact. What makes it easier is the memories we created and the memories that hold our sprite together. The flavor of revisiting our past and reliving is so pure, sweet and strong that strangely, it gives us back the hope which we might have lost.

The emotion of intense happiness, joy, fun, love or sometimes tearful eyes is triggered by something so small that we don’t even notice in our everyday life, like a photograph, a treasured possession, slam book, letters, a particular song, maybe someone’s hug or first kiss.

This inevitable feeling of rejoice is NOSTALGIA. The phase of self-connected-ness is a fuel to build our future, that gives us a sense of realization and strength.


2020: A Year to Live in Nostalgia

A year of trauma, tragic accidents, heart breaking news, challenges on humanity, environment taking revenge and a bunch of other things all over the globe. A period of prolonged negativity has covers us all, made us hopeless, disturbed, demoralized and uneasy.

But even during this time where things are shut, due to pandemic and it seems that life has come to full stop, one must not give up. As hope is something which shows you a ray of hope in the darkness.

Just like everyone one else, I am stuck at one place with zero movement but what is keeping my soul alive are the precious moments which we take for granted sometimes.

This lockdown nostalgia has made me do things I won’t have done in normal rush, in my life. Nostalgia evokes a particular sense of time or place or a special person.

One day when I was just scrolling my Instagram feeds and remembered that it’s my ex-best friends’ birthday but we haven’t talked once in last 10 months .So I decided to be the bigger person and I wished her over a text. What happened next was unbelievable for me she replied, we talked and video called for straight 3 hours.

Discussed how childish we were to fight over that silly thing, covered up all the 10 months lost gossip and relived every moment we spend back then. We shared our videos and pictures and laughed hard that none of us has deleted anything and that’s how I rebuild my relationship with a lost gem.

Lockdown is hard but there are little things which have made this bumpy ride of 2020 a little smooth. There are times when I just sit with mom and dad late in night and discuss how naughty I was back in my school. There are times when we all sit together for hours and go through every picture from our past trips.

This pandemic has brought me closer to my friends and family. I am blessed with two younger sisters and we spend sleepless night by thinking back to when we were younger. Playing indoor games with them reminds me how much I was missing on things.

This may sound very filmy of me when I was cleaning my room and rearranging my stuff, because lockdown gave you whole time in the world I came across my old letters and my birthday cards .Letters which I read that day gave me same essence that it did 4 years back .

Even the smell of those old letters transported me to the same time .It felt so real!!


Always Remember

Life is not a straight line it is a wave which have ups and downs. The up of this wave gives us space to bond, live our life to fullest without any worries. The down of this wave is when life throws challenges and we have tough time, related to friends, family, career or relation.

 But the craziest thing about the wave is the up has so much power that it holds the down. The down gives us a room to look back and recall those positive experiences and overcome the hardships.

For me nostalgia is a key to past happiness, introspection and a way to be optimistic which provides a warmth and support.

Everything’s gone be okay when you open your heart to accept and take steps into memory lane.

“Memories Bring Back You”


Written by - Shalaka Pathak

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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