Punctuality: The Exceptional Quality of Every Great Leader


As said by William Shakespeare, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late”. 


Punctuality is very important in everyone’s life. It is a key to success. Exceptional leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Sir M. Visvesvaraya, etc possessed this quality that made them different from others. Punctuality is generally defined as always showing up on time and doing the assigned work before time. A punctual person grows a lot in life. Punctuality blooms the personality of an individual. There are certain benefits of being punctual which are given below.                 

  1. Building Self-Confidence- Always showing up on time will create a different image of a person in people’s minds. It teaches the person to depend on himself/herself. The more a person will keep the promises, the more his/her self- confidence grows. The more his/her self- confidence grows, the more they will be having control of life under them. Hence, punctuality builds self-confidence. 
  2. Shows Willingness to Work- Being punctual shows the willingness of a person to work. If he/she does the tasks before or on time, then he/she is interested enough to continue that work and grow. If he/she does not show up at the time, it shows that he/she is a little interested in the work that is being assigned. Being punctual can show the reality of the working individual. 
  3. Professional Career- A person who always shows up on time has a positive image at his workplace. Coming late will act as a barrier that will hinder their growth in their career. In some institutions, latecomers have to pay penalties and receive punishments in several forms like cut in income, reduction in perks, etc. 
  4. Key to Success- Punctuality is a key to success for everyone. A person who understands this and values time preciously can easily become a punctual individual. Time is a very precious asset that, once lost never comes back. So, punctuality makes an individual efficiently utilize time and become a successful person.
  5. Happy Mind and Soul- Punctuality makes an individual happy and healthy. A punctual person never feels pressure on the work he/she is doing. He/she gets up early in the morning and is energetic enough to do the work efficiently. A person is always happy and relaxed as a result of being punctual.  
  6. Trusted People- A punctual person can be trusted upon. If he/she says that “I will be there”, then it means that he/she will turn out at the right time and place. So, senior members can depend on these people which increases their value in the eyes of the authority. Also, punctual people may receive big responsibilities on behalf of their senior members. 
  7. Shapes Discipline- Punctuality and discipline are interrelated. Both of these qualities make an individual successful. A punctual person will be disciplined as well. He/she will be optimistic and will have good decision-making abilities. A person will be able to do every task efficiently. 
  8. Respecting Other People- A punctual person is filled with other good habits as well. He/she respects other people regardless of any constraint. This quality makes him/her different from others and paves way for his/her promotion and success in both professional and personal life. 

Being punctual is very important for people. It builds self-confidence in an individual. It shows how much an individual is interested to do any task. Apart from this, a punctual person has a positive image in his/her workplace. Punctuality along with discipline is a key to success for individuals. Punctuality makes a person healthy and keeps him/her happy. People can trust individuals who are punctual and provide them with greater opportunities in the workplace.

Punctuality also shapes discipline in an individual. It also increases the efficiency of individuals. It increases respect for other people and paves new opportunities for the promotion of the individual at the working institution.

Hence, an individual must learn this quality to succeed and become a better version of himself/herself. Leading your life your own way is only possible when an individual respects time and priorities his/her task in a wise manner. Being punctual is not only ethically right but is also one of the habits which inculcate discipline and a sense of purpose to our lives.

Written by - Vaibhav Sharma

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