Skills Needed to Be a Good Photographer


Photography is a skill that anybody can become an expert if they want to and no doubt that business ideas that are directly related to photography are growing really fast. Let’s see the average earnings of a photographer, it is around $39,700 in the US and around 4,80,000 INR in India. Also, it is not that easy to earn this much amount. So what makes someone a Good Photographer? It is their skill that makes them perfect in photography.

If anyone wants to be a photographer then they have to focus on different kinds of skills, from technical kinds of stuff to communication skills. 

In a clear word, You don’t need to learn anything, but you have to focus and you need to have practice for the same  - 

  • Technical Skills: One of the most basics of photography skills is to expertise yourself in technical areas. This includes the work of cameras, knowing about popular photography software, and getting knowledge about the photography components that can increase your efficiency of capturing good images or scenes.
  • Creativity: Just imagine a situation where your model is feeling cold because you were taking photos in cold weather. You want a bright photo but you also cannot ignore the situation of the model. You need to find the way so that you can get a good photo and then you got an idea to shoot in a room with a large window. That kind of creativity a photographer should have. And creativity not only includes the way you do photography but also the way you are presenting your thoughts or some kind of theme/feelings through your photography.
  • Communication Skills: This last one is really important. If you become a photographer then that doesn’t mean that you will be roaming around with your DSLR taking random but beautiful photos. You can encounter in such a situation as discussed in the previous point. You can be doing photography for some individuals or groups. And at that time you need to have a good way of speaking or communication skills. So that you can take a photo of anyone easily.

In conclusion, becoming a photographer is not that difficult but one should not take it for granted. Most of the time, photographers struggle with putting out their creativity. Also if anyone who just developed an urge to become a photographer, they need to start pretty much of the things from scratch because photography is a skill where you show your talent from clicking a photo to communicating with others or even through nature. It’s an upcoming field these days so if one needs to explore their creative potential, photography is one of the options you can always try.

Written by - Aditya Raj

Edited by -  Kashish Chadha

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