Stop Your Hair Fall Naturally - Tried and Tested Tips

Hi-fi Readers, so you stumbled across this article too? Before jumping ahead let me assure you that this isn't the same article that is rolling all over the Internet. This is much more than what you will see on any other site because it is experimentally proven by the writer himself.

So, after using all marketed, branded hair care products, gels, and other styling stuff you’re now witnessing a grave concern - your hair is going! Well, I know this feeling but first things first, just know that, if you stress it then you are ultimately going to lose them all! Trust me.

So the first basic thing is- don’t stress. Secondly comes Care.

Choose Natural Products

Always go for natural brands and kick all artificial stuff! 

Always check for Sodium Laurel Sulfate or any Sulfate word back in the ingredients of any Shampoo. If you see any related words just kick that Shampoo immediately like Ronaldo would kick a ball. Remember one million dollar advice - these sulfates, sulfonates are actually poisons for your hair scalp.

Coming to the oils. Okay, so I’ll say one thing, short and clear - Bhringraj is the King of Hair. Always go for the oil which has Coconut, Bhringraj, and/or Amla (Indian Gooseberry). Go for Bhringraj or Coconut oil and sit back and relax.

Now, oil is chosen, Shampoo is done, now you will surely be thinking your hair fall is gone but No. Here comes the most interesting part - The Diet. 

A Proper Diet

Without a proper diet, nope. It’s not gonna work. Always go for home food made by your Mom. Remember, "Maa ke haath ka khaana" is the real diamond for your stomach. 

Just from this day drop every street food that makes your stomach feel bloated. The more your stomach will feel bloated the more you’ll skip proper meals.
Include Fish, Chicken, Spinach, Rotis, and other cooked foods at home. Yes, again pointing readers, eat one Amla every day.

Meals must be on time as the popular saying- “All of hair and body problems starts from the stomach”. So, as said avoid junk food and properly eat 5 meals a day and eat every 2 hours. 

In the morning, eggs, milk, and bananas are advised. At 11am, snacks are recommended, at 2pm, eat a heavy, proper meal and in the evening, fruits/fruit juices are recommended. At night eat light but a balanced diet with Salads is strongly recommended. 

The Procedure

Now, these main points are all the basics you’ll need. Now coming to the procedure of how to synchronize all these points to gain the maximum of it. 

Firstly, wake up every morning early and chew 4-5 Curry leaves. You must chew it properly so that all the extracts are chewed and then drink 1 glass of water preferably kept in a copper vessel for 24 hours.

Copper vessel water removes the toxicity of the stomach which hinders the growth of new hair follicles. 

Coming to how to apply the mentioned Bhringraj/Coconut Oil, there are two options, either massage your hair early morning and keep it for the rest of the day and wash it with normal water in the evening or, apply it just before going to bed, keep it overnight, and wash it the next day.

Readers are advised to practice the aforementioned points for at least 4 months sincerely and noticeable results would be seen.

The last message that I would like to convey would be that no artificial care or products are needed for haircare but a properly balanced diet and natural hair oils with zero chemical shampoo and a nicely routined sleep. The more you go to artificial and shortcut ways, the more you’ll regret it in the future. 

Happy hair caring!

Written by - Sooraj Patra

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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