Taste Was, Is and Will Always Be the Most Important Aspect for Judging a Dish - Vikas Sharma

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Not sure where to begin with, so I will start by saying that I have been working for an import firm for the past 8 years. My cousins and I have always been a foodie and we all used to go and try out new places whenever we got time. Over the time I started capturing food pics and reviewing outlets on various platforms like Zomato.

2. Which is your favorite cuisine and dish?

Being a foodie, I love to eat almost everything. That said, however, my favorite cuisines are Indian (Naan, Roti, Dal, Chaap, etc) and Chinese (Noodles, Ramen, Soup, Dimsums).

3. Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

Although, I have been doing it as a hobby/passion, but yes if you are serious about making a career in this industry, the scope is way beyond your thinking.

4. Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

Over the years, I believe I've covered a sizable chunk of quality outlets in Delhi NCR. Some of my favorites from this region are - Auro Kitchen & Bar - Green Park, Raasta - Green Park, The project - Hauz Khas Village.

5. What makes you appreciate a particular dish or a restaurant and talk about it on your blog?

Taste was, is and will always be the most important aspect for judging a dish or an outlet. However that doesn't mean that restaurants can take other aspects such as presentation, hygiene, knowledge of staff about the menu/outlet lightly as I've always felt that dining out is not just about taste but making even the smallest occasion memorable and for that every single aspect related to it counts.

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

This may sound cliche but like most Indians, I too am crazy for Noodles.

7. Which is your favorite book and why? 

"Food Styling: The art of preparing food for the camera", as the book focuses on the development skills and the techniques and equipment required to help improve presentation and result in a better output.

- Vikas Sharma 
Instagram @virus_sharma

- Interview by - Suhitha Mahendran 

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