The Biggest Cliche in Photography Is Sunrise and Sunset - Vishal Venugopal

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1. Tell us about your background and journey?

I'd describe myself as an artist from a typical Indian middle-class household where noone was really  into arts. I've been constantly reminded that I'm no good at studies, my marks on top of that was a  proof of this. Truth be told, I lacked interest. Honestly art was the only activity I enjoyed and satisfied at. Apparently a career in the arts stream was "unstable" in my family's view; I don't blame them for that. 

Because of this outlook I lacked support from their side towards my artistic tendencies, initially. They wanted me to secure a corporate job but I had other plans. From the beginning I was not that fond of studies, my creative instincts were always the strongest than the logical. I was born to pursue the former. And then I took the initiative to follow this path. At present, I am working as the Design and Creative head at

2. When and how did you realize your passion for photography?

I remember how I used to stare at those people taking picture. I was really excited and curious about the "camera" back then (still am).And, one fine day (in 2007) my brother gifted me a Sony Cyber-Shot Camera, and thats when my journey began. As a kid my photographs were focused on nature alone; birds, trees, flowers, etc...

As I've been told that I was really bad at studies and failed in many subjects, I knew that this is the only thing I am interested in and satisfied to do. After this, I started exploring the world of art and photography.

3. What are some tips you would like to share with amateur photographers?

I haven't gained the name 'professional photographer' yet, I see myslef as an amateur. I usually take real-life photos and is more into street photography ...I feel that every photo I take would have a story to tell.

So, to all those amateur photographers like me, I would like to say that never care about what the society says. There would always be an opinion. Yes education is important but if you can't cope with it, try something else. Education and a degree not always secure one with a job. It is true that our first priority is family, but sometimes they can also be wrong.

So if you have an interest or talent and confidence... Go chase your passion and dreams, not only in photography but for all fields. Develop your skill through practice and you can do that by working hard. Follow your intuitions and you will reach there. I am living proof of that. As a matter of fact, I am not even a degree holder, I am B.Com drop out. 

4. What are the important skills one should have to be a successful photographer?

In my perspective, the concept of 'successful' doesn't mean that I am 'financially stable', but it is my satisfaction and happiness that makes me feel successful.So, the important thing in my point of view is that one could be a photographer without a luxurious camera. That is, we can use any type of gadgets, even a mobile phone.

The thing that matters is our effort to bring out the best we can.And another thing is, try to attend workshops in this field. And keep experimenting on new frames, practice, and develop your talent in a different way. Try to think out of the box, so that it makes us unique from others.

5. What are the various opportunities available for aspiring     photographers?

Initially, there are two types of photographers; one who takes it as their passion and the other is, one who takes it as their career or profession.So, the former types like me can post on social media, which is a great platform for us.And the latter type can conduct exhibitions or they can sell them.
Photography field itself has vast opportunities;Wedding photography is a sensational one nowadays.

And there are corporate photographs for various brands, products, and services. And wildlife photography, and in fashion media fields, and also for short films, films, news media... and it goes on...
So I believe that we can reach these opportunities only by our skills and hard work and not by our textual education system. There are people who are really talented but they don't have a degree to qualify. So never judge people based on their certificate qualification alone. They could have great talent and skill... Who knows ...!

6. Which is your favorite book and why?

The whole session has my answer that I am not a book person. You can say that I'm allergic to them, even if its a storybook😅
But I have huge respect for the people who read because I don't have that much patience and a serene mind to read books.

- Vishal Venugopal
Interviewed by - Harsha

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