The Harder You Work for Something, the Greater You Feel When You Achieve It - Amric Mukundan

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Well, I am Dr Amric Mukundan from Thrissur, Kerala. I did my unde rgraduation from Tamil Nadu. At present I am midway through post graduation in Karnataka. I come from a family of medics and deep down I've always been drawn to the medical field. 

2. Despite so much of talent in India, why do people look abroad for treatment?

As a dentist, I feel its because of the quality and advances in treatment they get abroad. It's the thought that drives people. But nowadays things are turning around - India is also offering the best treatment available in the world. So these days most of the patients prefer treatment in India itself and keep 'abroad' as an option.

3. How important is super specialization for doctors?

-Super specialization is a must in this modern world for a doctor since medical field is a very vast subject. And ultimately it's better for the patient as they get access to the best healthcare along with the more specialised doctors. At the end of the day , the decision is subjective.

4. What is your take on virtual methods of providing treatment?

If its not an emergency problem its better to get into virtual methods of treatment. In situations like the present pandemic, virtual treatments are best to avoid unwanted exposure. But I believe, in an emergency situation virtual treatment is of no use.

5. What do you think are the key differences in studying medical in Indian and other countries?

I feel studying in India has more exposure to patients and gain knowledge. But when it comes to medical schools abroad they do very good research and get to know more about the recent advances. Both have their merits if you look at it that way.

6. Which countries are the best for studying medical besides India?

I haven't researched much on the topic but the UK and America are  sought after in the medico field. Graduates also prefer NZ and Germany too. These places ensure a better living and pay along with a more carefully structured syllabus.

7.Which is your favorite book and why?

I'll just go with The Wings Of Fire by Kalam Sir. It has the  different hues of life in it. The books has the word "motivation" carved in every page of it. It's a lovely read.

8. What impact do you want to create in the medical field.

Nowadays major health related problems is because of the unhealthy lifestyle and habits. Hence, I want to create an awareness for them about the lifestyle and habits.
Prevention is better than cure”.

- Amric Mukundan
Interviewed by- Harsha

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