The Magnitude of Superlative Talk


What is a Talk?

The exchange of words between human beings in their language can be called a talk. It is used to convey information or to express any inner thoughts or feelings. It is verbal communication involving language, tone, intonation, pitch and so on that makes the process complete. 

Why Talks?

Talks are what works for creating a promising profile for you. A promising profile or a good impression lends you followers and admirers.  It reserves a space for you every time both in your professional and personal life. 

  • The way you talk lets the listener decide whether you are brilliant, smart or foolish.
  • Your language and style of your talk create your space in the listener’s heart.
  • If your talk is great, definitely, your face and your voice get registered in the listener making you famous overnight. 

Etiquette of a Talk

  • Insignificant expressions like ‘umm,’ ‘ahh,' ‘err' are fillers that prolong the time of your talk. Listeners may tolerate this for once or twice but not always.
  • A critical talk always gets more ears. To put it simply, your talk must be thoughtful. It must ignite the fire in your listeners.
  • Make use of the silenceSilence is powerful than words. So make use of the silence you get in between to come out with something meaningful and appropriate. 
  • Smile and articulate your thoughts. 

How does Friendly Talk Sound?

  • Listen to your colleagues. Don’t blabber in between and create a market atmosphere. 
  • Talk only when it is necessary. If you are sure that your talk is not going to make any progress to the conversation, refrain from talking. 
  • These days it is common to hear everybody using ‘then,’ and ‘what’s up,’ often. Overuse of such modern phrases makes the conversation tiring. 
  • Do not constantly show disregard for your friend's thoughts. If you feel that it is time to end, feel free to tell them. Do not drag your conversation and create an awful atmosphere. 

Superlative Talk

Have we waited for hours to hear the talk of any personality? Of course yes. Because whatever he or she has said before have managed to occupy a space in our heart. How does one achieve this effortlessly? 

  • Superlative talk does not mean that your language has to be bombastic. Use simple and down to earth language.
  • Avoid beating around the bushes. Be straight forward. 
  • Don’t let other brand you as the villain. For this, never oppose anyone's idea. Agree to it even if you cannot and then try to add your point.
  • Successful people do not talk for long. They convey their idea in a few sentences using very less time.

Identifying a Superlative Talk?

Superlative simply means greatThink of when and whose talk appear to us great. Obviously, our beloved ones talks. It can be our mother, father, siblings, friends, children, teacher etc. Whatever drops form our loved ones' mouth come to us as pearls. 

  • Love the speaker and then listen to the talk. If you have a bad impression of the speaker, you cannot appreciate or analyze his points. Take the pearls you deem worthy and leave the rest.

Your loved ones lend a ear for you to ask the doubts and seek advice. They hear patiently and give beneficial ideas. 

  • A great speaker gives you ample time to do the talking. They listen to you and respond to you. They leave no room for any doubts meaning that their talk is very transparent and clear. 

They are always willing to change and improve themselves. They are happy to receive your thoughts and accept their flaws.

  • They ask for your feedback and responses.


Talks are superlative only when it strikes and compels the listener to look forward for the next talk. It is a skill that can be acquired with practice and efforts. Once you become a great speaker you can see that the whole world is waiting to hear your voice. 

Written by - Maryam Salim

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