Try to Find Moments in Your Life Which Are Privy to You - Akshita Sinha

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I’m a 19-year-old illustrator based in New Delhi, India. The journey has not been the easiest but has been one which has allowed me to constantly see my growth as a person through my artworks. When I flip through my 10 journals I see myself growing and changing constantly. 

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a painter/illustrator?

I have been keeping journals for 5 years now, however not long ago did I decide to pursue it as a career as well. My realisation for a path in art came in my first year in DU college. Which led me to apply to foreign universities for the same. 

I got into Parsons and UAL, the top colleges for illustration and design however due to COVID my plans changed. Now I’m planning to go to Srishti college of design in Banglore to pursue illustration and design.

3. Who is your favourite illustrator and why?

There is new art every day that I see. I don’t have a favourite illustrator per se because everyone out there is creating mind-blowing stuff every day that is better than before. Each illustration has a story which defines the artist in a unique way. It’s amazing how every artist uses different mediums and expressions to express emotions privy to themselves. 

4. Where do you get inspired to create art?

My artworks are based on my personal experience and how I view the society around me. I try to illustrate my memories, feeling and mundane musings around me. Hence, every day is somewhat of an inspiration. 

5. What does your typical day look like?

My typical days during quarantine involves me waking up in the afternoon, having a cup of coffee and reading my novel of the day. Then I sit down and sketch generally. Sometimes the sketching goes till evening accompanied by shows and movies or sometimes music. 

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring illustrators?

I started off with references from Pinterest, tried various mediums to find one that suits me the best; ball pens. I would recommend starting with paints cause they help understanding colours and mixing and stuff. 

Of course, sketching is a good way to start too. Since your watercolour requires a base sketch at first. I would recommend branching out on references to find what attracts you the most, it takes time but slowly you’ll see you’ve developed a pattern where something attracts you the most. 

Honestly, I’d say don’t focus on finding a particular “style” because it’s a way of expression and the pressure of having a style affects your artworks a lot. 
Just be true to what you want to depict. 

I understand it seems overwhelming with the range of artworks you see everywhere, it’s okay. It takes for your brain to make connections with paper. 

Honestly, I personally refrained from tutorials and copying direct artworks because well that’s plagiarism and you’re trying to copy someone else’s freedom of expression, sure it’s a good way to start I won’t deny I myself have done it. 
Tutorials on how to use mediums are always helpful, I would recommend it.
I’d say keep switching between references and trying to draw on your own because it helps to create a flow. Also most importantly, it’ll take time but you’ll need to find out what you want your art to represent. 

The reason why an art style develops is that it’s privy to the feelings of the artist. Again, it’ll take time to develop a thought process and how you want to depict it. 

So mostly just stay patient and try to find moments in your life which are privy to you and no one else which you can illustrate in your artworks.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

Oh my, this is probably the most intimidating question I’ve ever faced in my life because I’m an avid reader who reads one book per day. A book that I’m really fond of and which changed my perspective on so many things has got to be ‘Bitterfruit’ by Sadat Hassan Manto.

Interview by - Shamayla

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