Want to Develop Reading Habits? Here Are Some Wonderful Tips!

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"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." With the beginning of a new year, most people set goals for themselves to read a certain number of books usually. But, just like most of the other New Year resolution, they become like every other unaccomplished word. But developing reading habits has a bunch of advantages.

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There are numerous benefits of reading good books. They can make your mind think deeper, teach you more about your field, sharpen your skills, curb your anxieties, and generally help you get to the next level. Whatever your field of interest might be, it will be very beneficial for you to cultivate a better and consistent reading habit.

So here some fruitful ways you can find utilitarian to cultivate lifetime reading habits. 

1. Have a Minimal Start

One of the main reasons why most of the people give up reading so easily is that they often start reading giant classical books. And, they might not understand half of the words in the paragraph and they end giving up. They think reading is hard and it is almost like torture. But, that's a false belief. 

If you are just starting to read I would suggest you read thin and simple books. There is no shame to start with children’s books like fairytales. They are easy to read and understand and you can finish it with one go.

2. Find the Book Based on Your Interest 

People read books for various reasons. Find out what subject matters interest you and just buy a book related to it. It will help to sustain your level of interest and enthusiasm for a longer period of time. Find books that are related to your profession, personality, interest, so on and so forth. 

For example, if you are interested in football then you can buy a biography book of your favorite player and know his life story to get motivated. There is all kind of books for all kind of people in the market.

3. Minimize T.V and Internet Time

You need to allocate some time every day for your reading. One of the ways you can give time to your reading can be by minimizing the amount of time you spend every day on T.V and the internet. You can practice something called Blocking Time. This means that you can fix a time slot for reading and make it a habit slowly. This may be difficult for some people but still, we are not aware of how many hours we waste every single day just flipping through channels mindlessly. Spend less time on social media, and, if possible, go through one informative article instead. 

Spend your time wisely. I have noticed that watching T.V and going through social media the whole day versus reading a book the whole day gives a very drastic result. You feel lethargic, resentful, and angry when watching T. V the whole day whereas you feel refreshed, inspired, and energetic at the end of the day when you spend your day reading.

4. Find a Reading Partner or Book Club

Don't be a solo ranger and think you can achieve all of your goals alone. Instead, try and find a reading partner who has a heart and willingness to read. Find accountable partners, by this, you can share your experience with them. This will help you to develop an interest in reading.

As all the readers meet at a certain time every month/ week to discuss a book, you will get yet another reason to finish reading that book you want to discuss.

If you don't have a friend or a family member who you think can be your reading partner then you can join a book club. With a book club, you'll create a concrete strategy that constantly keeps you motivated and inspired to grow beyond your comfort zone. Such gatherings give you the opportunity to discuss learnings lessons you learned and other thoughts. Or, you can also join online readers group where people share about their reading list, book review, and they recommend books as well.

5. Always Carry a Book

Wherever you go, take a book with you. Carrying a book with you at all times is a great trick to start reading more habitually. You will find that there are a lot of times when you can read a book rather than doing nothing. And nowadays, it's even easier because we can have tons of books right in our phones and laptops.

6. Find A peaceful Place

When you are just beginning to read, you need to find a very peaceful place where you can have all your attention focused on your reading. It is really hard to develop that level of attention at first. Even a cough can disturb your reading experience. So, find a peaceful place and read anyway you like. You can go to a park or a library if you’re not able to find a perfect spot at home.

7. Know When to Give up a Book 

Reading is meant to be an enjoyable, eye-opening experience. If you find yourself stressing out (or yawning!) over a difficult or boring book, do give it a try for a few more pages but give up if it ends up frustrating you. Since reading is supposed to give you peace, it should not be seen as a stressful task. But if the book makes you feel like that, consider giving up on reading that one and finding a more appropriate one.

8. Always Consult with Dictionary 

If you find difficult or new words while reading, don't just skip it. Consult a dictionary and find out the meaning of the respective word. Nowadays, we can download dictionary apps on our phone and we can find meaning right away. So always consult with a dictionary. Learn new words every day and find its meaning so that you can use it in the future in your writing. The stronger your vocabulary is the better reader you become.

Since reading as a habit have tons of benefits, it’s great to develop this. The above-mentioned tips have proved to be functional for most of the people. So, there’s no reason to not develop this wonderful and glorious habit.

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Written By - Siddharth Shankar

Edited By - Neha Kundu

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