5 Netflix Original Series You Won't Regret Watching

5. La Casa de Papel [Money Heist]

Who has not heard of the Professor? Having released four seasons till now, this web series has gained quite a popularity over recent times. This is a story where the Professor creates a group of people who had been losers in their own lives, and plan a heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.

With each member of the Professor's group possessing a different as well as a difficult character, you might fall in love with each of them. Although the story basically revolves around choosing unjust means to achieve goals, the audience will gradually develop a soft corner for the main characters of the series, which are named after cities.

Every part of this series involves taking some life-changing decisions which will keep you on the edge. The entire series really becomes addictive with its amazing storyline, and thrilling plot twists.

4. Sex Education

A series revolving around the students of Moordale Secondary High School, two seasons of this show have been released till now. The series is about the life of the protagonist - Otis Milburn and his school life. This amazing series will make you laugh and will definitely make your day!

The clashing of love interests, friendships, mother-son relationships, and many more makes this series a must-watch for everyone. You will definitely fall in love with each and every character of the show.

3. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a story of seven kids, adopted by Mr.Hargreaves, each possessing a special power. The death of Mr.Hargreaves brings the Umbrella Academy together again, and this is where begins the mark of this thrilling and adventurous web series.

The series has two seasons and involves time travel, apocalypse, comedy, drama, and family bonding. The Umbrella Academy is not only addictive but also a satisfying series to binge upon.

2. Stranger Things

A story revolving around the town of Hawkins and the Hawkins Lab, this adventurous and thrilling series, with a tinge of some horror drama has made it to the second position of this list! This series is all about some strange characters from the "Upside Down" trying to make their way in Hawkins.

The protagonist of this series is a group of teenage school kids whom you will never regret watching it. Netflix has given us some mindblowing originals, and Stranger Things is definitely one of them. Its title track is quite energetic and does emphasize on the adventurous zenith of this series.

1. Dark

The German Trilogy Dark is a mindblowing series that can successfully mess with your mind. This sci-fi series revolves around the complicated family line of Jonas Kahnwald and Martha Nielsen and revolves around several timelines and three different worlds.

The central theme of Dark highlights what misuse of science and technology can result in. Every episode of Dark will introduce a new glitch in the blood relations of each character. The best part of this trilogy is the satisfactory ending which makes it to the top of this list and definitely acquires a permanent place in the hearts of the audience.

Written by - Krittika Das

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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