50 Series To Add On Your To-Watch List

TV shows have been running since the year 1928 but series’ are the on-going trend as they create a variety of elemental, superficial worlds that leave us in awe. Many people find them as an escape from their routine to explore the imagination of the creators.

This platform is a huge success because of the inevitable number of people stepping their journey on a new series everyday. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar are some of the famous paid sites for watching series.


There are plentiful genres available. The first step is to identify the genre that you are most likely to feel comfortable watching. 

Some of the genres include Action, Adventure, Docudrama, Legal drama, Medical drama, Fantasy, Music, Detective fiction, Science fiction, Soap opera, Situational comedy, Romantic comedy, Comedy-drama, Mystery, Crime, Horror and so on.

The ‘To-Watch’ List

1. Breaking Bad (Netflix) - It’s the story of a chemistry teacher who turns into a drug dealer to provide a life to his family when he is diagnosed by a terminal cancer.  

2. Game of Thrones (Hotstar) - Based on the novel of the writer George R.R. Martin, it became one of the shows with highest fan base in the world. The ending created many debates though. 

3. Sherlock (Netflix) - A genius who hates to keep his brain idle, Sherlock is an amazing crime mystery.   

4. The Office U.S (Prime) - A mockumentary whose first season was adapted from the U.K series of the same name that revolves around the work life of the employees in Duffer Mifflin Paper Company. 

5. Stranger Things (Netflix) - Set in the 1980’s, this series provides 100% justification to it's title. The fourth season will probably hit the screens in 2021.

6. Friends (Netflix) - Friends revolve around the lives of six people who stand by each other throughout the series. It completed its 25th anniversary last year.

7. La Casa de Papel / Money Heist (Netflix) - The original series is in Spanish along with a dubbed English audio. A heist planned by ‘El Profesor’ and executed by his team members is enthralling. Season five will hit the screens soon. 

8. Dark (Netflix) - The original series is in German along with a dubbed English audio. Here, the time travel around four different time periods brings a whole new experience over this science fiction.

9. Peaky Blinders (Netflix) - A crime drama set after the First World War revolves around Thomas Shelby and his family.

10. Sex Education (Netflix) - This series showcases the unanswered questions of the teenagers in a unique way that will want us to understand that sex therapy should be normalized.

11. The Big Bang Theory (Prime, Netflix) - It’s a narration of the life of quirky, ambitious introvert – Sheldon Cooper along with the important people in his life and how he accepts ‘change’ in his life.  

12. Prison Break (Netflix) - An innocent man is sent to prison whose brother goes to the same prison to break both of them out. This series brings out the unconditional love of brotherhood.

13. How I met your Mother (Hotstar) - It’s a sitcom that not only makes people laugh but also push us to think by showing the abrupt reality.

14. Black Mirror (Netflix) - Black Mirror is a science fiction that deals mostly with the technology that’s new to the society. The series moves back and forth present and the near future.

15. Mind Hunter (Netflix) - The story revolves around the psychological behavior of sequential killers. When the FBI agent Ford studies this psychology, he tries to understand the obsession of the serial killers.

16. Made In Heaven (Prime) - An Indian series, that revolve around two friends who run a wedding planning firm that also touches the past of the people working there in a sensible way.

17. Seinfeld (Netflix) - This show has a unique quality of taking the most benign objects and turning them into pop culture icons.

18. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend(Netflix) - A musical drama that focuses on the behavior of the female lead that helps us understand how important mental health is.

19. Pretty Little Liars (Netflix) - Four friends try to solve the murder mystery of their friend Alison after an anonymous blackmailer threatens them.

20. The Good Doctor (Prime) - A young doctor with savant syndrome tries to relocate to California to avoid his troubled childhood.

21. Suits (Prime) - It is an American legal drama series that shows Harvey and Mike working on cases along with Mike’s hidden secret.

22. The Vampire Diaries (Prime) - Two brothers who turned into vampires fall for a girl in the town of Mystic Falls. The story focuses on how the Salvatore brothers may die in order to protect the other every time.

23. The Originals (Prime) - Spin – off of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals revolves around the original vampires and their hybrid brother Klaus Mikaelson.

24. Legacies (Prime) - This spin off of ‘The Originals’ depicts the life of Hope Mikaelson.

25. You (Netflix) - A rom-com turns into thriller, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

26. Young Sheldon (Prime) - After the big hit of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the writers decided to capture the childhood of Sheldon Cooper in this series.

27. Lucifer (Netflix) - Lucifer is a fantasy series based on a DC character who later becomes the protagonist in his story.

28. 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) - Hannah Baker, a teenager commits suicide leaving behind 13 tapes to explain her decision. The show then revolves around how the people mentioned in that tape complete their high school after this tragedy.

29. Brooklyn Nine Nine (Netflix) - It’s a sitcom which brings versatility and fun through the lives of the detectives. Brooklyn 9-9  truly is the New York’s finest.

30. Riverdale (Netflix) - Set in the small town Riverdale, this series focuses on the mysterious happenings that occur in the town and the high school students trying to figure them out.

31. Sense8 (Netflix) - This series deserved more than two seasons. 8 people born on the same day at different parts of the Earth are able to sense each other due to the mental and physical links among them. The sensates try to protect themselves from ‘The Whispers’.  

32. Locke & Key (Netflix) - It’s a supernatural horror that became a hit. The second season is renewed.

33. Arrow (Netflix) - Arrow is based on DC Comics character. Oliver Queen, the protogonist , fights crime in his hometown using bow and arrow as his weapon.

34. The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) - 7 kids born on the same day from different mothers are taken by a billionaire to train them but things go wrong and they struggle to live their normal lives.

35. Little Things (Netflix) - This story mainly focuses on the ‘little things’ that matter the most because they form the base of a strong relationship.

36. Bojack Horseman (Netflix) - This series is about a star who crumbles down from his status. Bojack deals with depression and this series is ranked as one of ‘the best’ in Netflix.

37. Never Have I Ever (Netflix) - An Indian girl who lives in US tries to move forward after the death of her father. This series is simple, straight-forward and good.

38. Four More Shots (Prime) - Four women who become friends when they meet in a bar and start to share their lives with each other.

39. Mizrapur (Prime) - It is an Indian crime thriller that gained popularity due to the way of its storytelling.

40. Grey’s Anatomy (Prime) - A very big American medical drama television series that is located in the hospital premises.

41. Sacred Games (Netflix) - An Indian television web series based on the novel of Vikram Chandra.

42. Itaewon Class (Netflix) - A K-drama that tells story about an ex-convict whose life turned upside down when his father was killed in an accident.

43. Kingdom (Netflix) - It’s a K-drama where the King struggles to protect his people from the fast spreading zombie disease and works to get rid of it.

44. Kill Me Heal Me (Netflix) - The story about third generation business heir who develops multiple personality disorder as the aftermath of several life threatening traumatic events.

45. Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Netflix) - A fantasy drama where a woman gets stuck in the palace politics.

46. Vagabond (Netflix) - A mysterious plane crash kills over 200 civilians. Determined to find out the truth behind the accident, the male lead embarks on an investigation that puts him in a tangled web of corruption.

47. Elite (Netflix) - A Spanish teen drama, this series shows the relationship between the school students.

48. Black Clover (Netflix) - It is a Japanese manga series where two orphans are raised as brothers but they become enemies fighting for the throne.

49. Naruto (Netflix) - A 2005 Japanese series that showcases a young ninja who wants to become the leader of his village.

50. Tanhaiyan (Hotstar) - Set back in a wedding theme, this series mainly focuses on how two individuals overcome their trauma.

Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi


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