7 Reasons to Keep a Diary

A diary does not just consist of paper, it is a bundle of emotions. A notebook can be used for many things, but when it becomes someone’s diary, it gets a meaning to it. A diary is really the most valuable thing and everyone should have one.

A diary is not just a daily journal, it’s much more. There are many things for which a diary can be used for. Some of them are:

1. To Vent Out Emotions

Most of the time, an individual isn’t able to express his/her emotions to someone. For others, they don’t do so because they are just not comfortable with the idea of sharing because of trust issues sometimes. 

So whenever you are angry, sad, excited or dejected, instead of storing it in your head, try writing it down or scribbling it in your diary. When you are back to normal, reading it will make you understand yourself more.

2. Clarifications of Dilemmas 

Usually, we all face many dilemmas. We tend to go to people for their opinions and our decisions become biased according to the person we talked to. Jotting it down in your diary and re-reading it and weighing the pros and cons, eases the confusion. This makes your decision making simpler and cloud of confusion sheds away.

3. Gathering Our Thoughts 

We tend to think a lot, positive things as well as negative things. Positive things usually don’t mess with your mind but the negative thoughts are poisonous. They damage our minds and we tend to make our lives a living hell on our own. 

So to just throw them out of your mind, writing it down in your diary is the best way so that when you read it in your future, you will understand many things.

4. Goal and Aims

We all have so many goals but during the journey we tend to deviate from them. Writing it down helps us stick to our path and make changes consciously. 

5. Bucket Lists 

This is one of the most fun things you can do with your diary. Noting all our wishes as time passes it piles up and reading it every now and then brings back the nostalgia and the feeling to do those things in your life. It inspires you even the darkest of days.

6. Experiences

Our life is filled with experiences. But sometimes we tend to forget them in the busy schedule. Taking some time and reading your diary where you wrote all your experiences can give you a good laugh. 

7. Brainstorming 

In our day to day life, we get a number of ideas. They might be unique or funky but you get them. Jotting them down can be very useful. The reason behind it is that someday in the future when you want to do something new or have fun, reading these ideas can help you career-wise or fun-wise.

Last but not the least, all these things can be done in different books and kept but doing it in your diary is more special. Keeping it hidden and decorating it is fun.
Moreover reading it in the future, tells us how we changed and how creative we used to be. Maintaining a diary isn’t a tough job, it just needs desire in heart and a bit of interest. 

Written by - Farheen Firoz

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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