Engaging With Target Customers via Chat & Email Can Break the Ice - Abhishek Mukherjee

1. Tell us more about your journey.

I started my career outside of Kolkata. So, I was eager to come back to my home town. Got my first opportunity in IT, in marketing after a year. I was not fully aware of the industry and what it takes to grow. But I opted for the job to give myself a scope & got involved day by day. My interest in this domain also grew up & since then it became my profession.

2. What is the typical role of a Business development Manager in any organization?

Business development, the term explains the role itself. But the hidden part is that, you will not only be responsible for growth but also you need to have an eye on the loopholes that are causing unnecessary expense for your company. To summarize, it is a typical role to optimize your business in every direction for a better growth of the company.

3. What skills does one need to make a career in Business development?

Well, as you know, requirements go hand in hand with demand and situation. Previously the key skills needed were very good communication, good presence of mind, an overall understanding of the industry. But now the situation has changed. Mostly this position has become a bit techno commercial. So, with all other knowledge one should have a good understanding of overall technical aspects to deal with clients. On the other hand you need to stick to the role irrespective of any situation. 

4. Can you share some generic tips for lead conversion?

Honestly there is no such conventional way to generate leads. But LinkedIn is a good source. Relationship building is important. There are some other portals as well in the market which can help you to generate leads. Nowadays, people like to avoid calls from unknown people. Rather they are much more comfortable in chat. So, engaging with target customers via chat & email can break the ice. One should keep in mind that lead generation is only not about what service I offer, rather approach the client on what service he/she needs. 

5. Who is your role model and why?

I do not have any such specification in terms of having role models. I rather like to pick and choose the essence of success round the corner. In my eyes a role model should be one who started from scratch and became a brand himself. 

6. How can one know if they have a knack for Business Development and will enjoy the role?

There is no such equation for it. This may be one of the professions that does not come under any direct course or subject. If you feel like you love to communicate, you love to analyze & explain things to others keeping their interest on then it will help you in this profession. Most importantly taking challenges of achieving something and dedication towards it will push you up in your goal. You need to think 360 degrees to accomplish your goal.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

I am fond of Satyajit Ray. But I am not restricted to his writings only. I love to read about every topic that interests me. 

Abhishek Mukherjee - Business Development Manager 

Interview by - Tuhina Rana


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