How Are The Water Bodies Being Affected During Lock Downs

You may be wondering how the Davy Jones’ Locker is being destroyed if most of the world’s population is locked down inside their houses for almost six months. Well, the facts say something else.

Most people in the world have this irresistible propensity to take garbage outside their house. If it exits their property, it should be none of their business from that point. But we tend to forget that mother nature has a weird way of giving things back if it doesn’t belong to her. Exactly, like plastics –a human made disaster.

Some of the recent events are mentioned here:

The Antiheroes 

Ecologists, concerned about the habitat, have raised the issue of masks becoming an undeniable mode of pollution. Single-use masks, mainly made by plastic, are becoming a raging crisis as they are being dumped everywhere. Starting from the roadside to the seashore, they are disposed all around. 

This calls for a serious measure before the plastics start floating across 70% of the world’s area.

Oil Spill Catastrophe

One of the most influencing events of American history, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill still makes an impact on the living organisms underwater. 

Research done over the past ten years has been released now. It shows the toxic crude oil component is found in the bile of the fish. Many marine organisms face a mortal fate due to this disaster.

“You get what you give” – the sea food are all infected by this catastrophe. This concerns the health of the people consuming it too.


The most recent oil leak in the water body is caused by the split of a cargo ship at the coast of Mauritius. The Japanese ship leaked tons of oil in the Indian Ocean. The oil spill caused a threat to the already endangered corals and marine species.

Floods in India

For the past two months, states like Assam, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Kerala, Karnataka have faced flood that led to hundreds of death and evacuation of millions of people. 

This sudden upsurge of monsoon rain is due to the massive changes in the climatic conditions. These floods have massively damaged the lentic and lotic ecosystem of our country.

These are very few popular incidents. There are still many cases that become a threat to the marine life. 


In Houses:

1. Do not dispose chemicals and cooking fat in the sink.

2. Do not flush hazardous drugs into the sewage.

3. Minimize the usage of detergent and soap.

4. Avoid using pesticides in garden.

5. Find proper disposal of plastics.

In Industries:

1. Do not mix chemical filled water into streams and lakes.

2. Recycle the water used as coolant.

3. Change the composition of products so that it produces less toxic substances.

4. Avoid dumping plastics in water bodies.

5. Avoid oil spills in the oceans.

As the butterfly effect suggests, even a small change in the ecosystem will cause complex effects in the lives of all organisms. It’s time that we save some aquatics too.

Written by - Keerthana Lakshmi

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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