How to Be Creatively Productive During Lock Down

How many hours you have spent laying idle on the bed? 
How many hours do you spend on your mobile phones? How many hours you have regretted wasting hours? 

These questions were popping inside my head too. Especially during lockdowns. It is really hard to find something productive and interesting to do when our minds are already filled with many thoughts due to post-lockdown stress. 

You may find things or activities to do but all can’t stick with it and soon end up being bored again. 

Don’t worry I won’t suggest you read books or listen to podcasts. Not everyone keeps interested in these kinds of stuff. I am going to share my experience with this situation. I found something really interesting yet productive too. 

One fine evening I was playing “memories” song by Macroon5 as usual which made me scroll old memories of mine. 

You would have this nostalgic habit too. But on that day, I closed my eyes and tried to remember the scenarios. You know I was quite surprised, how many elements I missed while recalling the moments when I saw the actual picture. 

Also, there will be some uncaptured moments that will be stacked inside your brain. You may have some happy moments, few naughty ones, some might make you feel bad, some might bring some blush on your face. So, I decided to draw doodles of my memories. 

Sounds interesting? Or weird? 

What is doodling? 

Doodling is an art of scribbling absent-mindedly. It does not require anything else except things listed below. Doodle has taken a new evolution with time. They are the most underestimated trends but actually, it has a wide scope in the present and future. 

It depends on you how enthusiastic you are to test your memory. You do not need to be good at drawing skills for this or you do not need any extra knowledge. 

What you need is listed below: 
A pen or pencil 
An eraser 
A paper 
A fabulous memory or imagination. 


Before completing my experience of doodling memories, I want to share that how doodling is productive? 

  • Earn money by selling your doodles to companies or third parties for their uses. 
  • Earn money by making doodles for other companies or third parties for their uses. 
  • Set up your own online social media page and promote yourself by your doodles. 
  • Enhances creativity. 
  • Curing stress is an underestimated productive activity and doodling helps to cure. 
  • Focus improvement. 
  • Develop a personality. 
  • Reduction in anxiety. 
  • Add humor in life. 
  • Self-exploration

My experience 

I started to doodle my best and worst memories both in papers. I began to analyze them daily and I found that I was extremely good at remembering things. But still, I felt bad because I was good at remembering things which were my worst experiences, not the happiest one. 

On that day I realized that we all keep our worst experiences or bad moments safe in our mind more than the good ones and which cause negativity, anxiety, stress, overthinking, and the spiral of mental issues will lead us to physical issues. 

Have you ever realized why? It’s because we never cared about good things and we keep on focusing on the worst one which never gave any encouragement to make good memories or come out of the worst ones. This is a solution that is creatively driven by memories and popped with productivity!

Written by - Vijaya 

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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