I Started Dame Traveler as a Way to Celebrate Female Travelers - Nastasia Yakoub (Founder Dame Traveler)

Nastasia Yakoub

I noticed a need for a female travel community on Instagram as there wasn't one at the time, so I created one and the rest is history!

1. Tell us about your background and journey as a traveler. 

I found my love for solo travel when I embarked on my first solo trip to Cape Town, South Africa which inspired me to start Dame Traveler years later when I fell into bed rest after a work-related injury as a nurse. 

I noticed a need for a female travel community on Instagram as there wasn't one at the time, so I created one and the rest is history!

2. What are some challenges or issues you have faced as a female traveler? 

The scariest incident was staying at Le Pigalle hotel in Paris on a solo trip during the peak of the riots that were occurring in the city back in 2018. The small boutique hotel staff was well aware that I was a photographer and was staying in the hotel solo as I had to photograph the rooms for a project I was working on. 

I went out to dinner and came back, only to find $8,000 USD worth of my camera and laptop gear stolen from my room. The staff was incredibly rude and not helpful as was the police station. 

Feeling very violated (and also thankful that I wasn't in the room at the time), it was one of the most horrendous experiences, especially since no one was willing to help during a very scary situation. They brushed me off like it was nothing. 

This is why safety is one of the most important key components of my blog and brand. You will find tops of safety tips on our blog and in our book, Dame Traveler: Live the Spirit of Adventure.

3. Why did you start Dame Traveler?

To add to a bit of my story above, I started it as a way to celebrate female travelers who are out there being brave, despite the fears that society tries to instill in us. They are proof that it is possible to travel as a solo female traveler and you shouldn't be held back by people's opinions. 

4. What are some tips you would like to share with the other travellers?

I'm always one who's up for a spontaneous trip but I highly recommend doing your research beforehand. 

Especially during this COVID era time. It's wise to check the tourism board's website to understand how they're handling the current state of the world and if they're being safe during this time. 

It's also wise to send your itinerary to someone you know and talk to regularly just in case! 

5. Which places are at the top of your bucket list?

India and Bhutan are two places I have yet to explore but have been dreaming of for a long time now. 

6. How do you inspire women to travel more?

Through storytelling and being an open book. I'm not afraid to share my experiences from both past and present and by sharing the travel stories of other women as well. 

7. How would you define feminist and what steps should be taken for women empowerment?

Anyone who believes in the power of women and the equality of women. I think female empowerment should start at a young age. We need to instil strength and confidence in young girls early on. This will make the biggest impact long term. 

8. How do you define success for yourself?

Knowing that what I do serves a purpose beyond serving myself. 

9. What are your upcoming projects?

Continuing to promote my book that was released 1 week before the lockdown in the US. I worked very hard on this special project and I believe it's the perfect escape for people during this time of limited travel and makes for the perfect gift for any travel lover. Check it out!

Instagram ID - @nastasiaspassport

Nastasia Yakoub

Nastasia Yakoub 


Dame Traveler: Live the Spirit of Adventure Book is out now!

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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