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Because sometimes you can't emit vibes. You just do it. So I created a space where all vibes are welcome but only the good. These are not just pictures, these are the moment which I have lived.

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Since childhood, I've been watching different travel and food exploration shows, making a list of everything I want to try. After I completed my 10th standard I got a chance to try my hands off and start uploading pictures on my personal account. 

It was then one of my closest friends suggested that i should make a separate page and follow my passion for food. I started this page as 'foodoveranything_', solely dedicating the space to food. After about two years or so I've changed it to 'everythingoveranything'. 

Because sometimes you can't emit vibes. You just do it. So I created a space where all vibes are welcome but only the good. These are not just pictures, these are the moment which I have lived and apart from this I'm pursuing Bsc in zoology from Delhi University.

2. Which is your favorite cuisine and dish?

My favorite dish being Laphing since ages. It's spicy, cold and kind of savory noodle dish it's one of the best things you can ever have. The noodle is made from extracting starch and it's filing is of soya, tofu, meat. Spices and condiments such a soy sauce, garlic extract, sichuan pepper, red chili paste, sesame oil and vinegar give Laphing a peculiar and perfectly balanced flavor.

Coming onto my favorite cuisine, I prefer Himalayan food. Himalayan food is a diverse and unique cuisine which covers all flavors. My love for Himalayan food begins when I started travelling to Himachal and Uttrakhand. The local staple dishes in higher region of Himachal are no different to elsewhere in the Himalayas.

Himalayan food does bring it's own unique food culture which is a drooling mix of Chinese, Nepalese, Indian, Bhutanese and Tibetan food favorites. Himalayan food is easily found at the restaurants of lower Himalayan settlements.

3. Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

It may seem like an easy job to do but it's not. As they say, you do what you love and everything comes along. There are many opportunities to grab and whole horizon to expand and grow. 

For influencers who truly work on their content, there is much that the industry offers. There are many fellow bloggers who do that. Many of them are earning quite well. If you do with full determination, I think it can provide you a stable career.

4. Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

I would recommend the Yeti. There is no such place that does Himalayan food better than yeti! (In Delhi, off course) Have you tried this place earlier? If not, you need to go there and kindly do not miss there Yeti platter, Thakali thali, Ema datchi, momos, Tibaten platter and Yomari.

Then we have
Leo's Pizza. The best Margarita pizza in the city is Leo's. The aroma of the herbs, sauces, cheese and basil is enough to generate huge appetite. Also, the base melts in your mouth soft and doughy, very different from all the other pizza places in the city.

Also Ama Cafe, I've been visiting this cafe from past 3-4 years. They offer some great options in coffee, sandwiches, pizzas, fries, burger, a wide breakfast menu including both English and Tibetan options and some desserts. I love this place as it is supper cosy and affordable.

Nirvana Laphing Center, if you wanna know the taste of real Laphing then this place is for you. It's been 3 years or so I'm having laphing regularly from this particular shop. In majnu ka tilla, Delhi; you'll definitely find plenty of shops and stalls of laphing around but this place serves the best! You'll thank me later, for sure.

And for location and further details you can simply find their page on Instagram 

Al Together Experimental: I love Champagali for its cafe and casual eateries but one place that stands out and among them all is the ATE. With 3 sections of seating and impressive menu of breakfast dishes, coffee, burgers, flatbread, pastas and other dishes, this cafe is a great place to plan a date. It's quite, vibrant and food is delicious.

Bakebook: This place serves the most delicious pancakes that one can ever have in East Delhi. Don't forget to try their special-in house topping and customize it in your.

5. What makes you appreciate a particular dish or a restaurant and talk about it on your blog?

A particular dish must be presentable. It automatically changes perspective when you look at the dish and can easily guess how it gonna taste. On the other hand, management of the cafe or restaurant should have good sense of hospitality they should be open to positive criticism and feedback.

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

Honestly, I never imagined of that. While reading this question a sudden name of 'coffee' came in my mind. Don't know about the dish but yeah I'll choose to be Coffee.

Why? I have reasons!!

Just like several types of coffee, I have several moods one need to deal with - I am sometimes a happy bunny, sometimes an angry bird, and sometimes a lazy panda who detest doing anything. I can be a good company. I’m somehow addictive! So yeah, I am gonna be coffee here!

*Actually Sips coffee while typing this text*

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I love "October Junction" by Divyaprakash Dubey. The kind of personification is done by DP in October Junction is absolutely amazing. Binding the sentences with the right kind of phrases is something I admire about his writing. 

There are many life lessons which are kept very keenly. The whole story is exceptionally smooth and even the climax is plotted very precisely and quite emotional.

- Interview By - Suhitha Mahendran

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