Success Is to Be Confident With Yourself - Francesca Scaltritti

Success is to be confident with yourself and not to care too much about what others think and/or say about you. This is one of my mottos: always be yourself and don't care about what everyone else says/thinks! 

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I was born in a beautiful lakeside town in Northern Italy but when I turned 18 I packed a suitcase and I started to work as a choreographer in a beach resort around the world. 

After 10 years of doing that life, I decided to move to London so I could have a much more normal lifestyle. In the beginning, I didn't know what I wanted to do and I wasn’t sure in which industry I wanted to start my new career. 

My first job was sales assistant, I kinda liked retail and I was passionate about the fashion industry, so I enrolled at the Central Saint Martins to study visual merchandising. The same year I applied for a VM position and by the time I graduated, I became Visual Merchandising Manager. 

After a few years in Retail, I decided to move into a different field of Arts, so in 2018 I moved to New York to study interior design at New York University. 

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram, and what is it about? 

In August 2019, I had the most amazing yet shocking experience of my life, I gave birth to my beautiful baby daughter Hayley so I spent the last 12 months as a full-time mom. 

During this time I started to blog a little bit and to post on my Instagram page things that I like the most: eating (healthy), (nice) design, being a mom, basically, I was posting my everyday life. 

I surprisingly gained a lot of followers in a few weeks, many more that I expected, so I understood that I could actually be an influencer and promote a healthy lifestyle, promote independent designers, ethically sourced products 

Today I work as a freelance interior designer for private clients as well as for a few firms in the City. Being an influencer on Instagram became a passion and is now my second job. 

3. How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer? 

A blogger is someone who regularly writes material for a blog, which can either be their own blog or someone else’s. I believe that a blogger can be defined as a sort of journalist, but with less exposure and with the advantage of being able to express his own ideas about a particular topic. 

Being an Influencer is completely different: 

An influencer is a person that has the ability (and the power) of influencing others (the public on Social Media’s) to buy a specific product or service. 

I actually think that the just term influencer is a “new” term, in reality, if you think about it, we have always had someone influencing us on what jeans to buy, where to go on holiday, what part of town to live in. 

It was probably the cool friend with the new sneakers when we were in high school, or the celebrity wearing those earrings on a TV show. 

I think that is just the evolution of a role played by the super famous once, and that role has now changed and adapted to the fast-paced life we live. 

Not many people watch TV Nowadays (at least not a many as before) therefore TV ads and reality shows, target a narrower Group of prospective clients. 

Social media instead, target a much wider client base in a cheaper yet more efficient way: 

ADS in social are Shorter, targeted, Visually more appealing and I personally like so much being an influencer, because I often discover trendy products before the general public, I have a lot of fun and I got to keep the items I promote. 

4. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life? 

Success is to be confident with yourself and not to care too much about what others think and/or say about you. 

This is one of my mottos: always be yourself and don't care about what everyone else says/thinks! 

5. How can someone become a successful social media influencer? 

It requires passion, patience will power, and commitment. 

6. Which is your favorite book and why? 

Can I recommend 2? I just finished them and I am positively surprised: 

- The modern break up 

- How to become a witch 

The former talks about modern relationships and modern breakups of course. While reading it I was totally identifying myself in it 

“How to became a witch” is a beautiful book that talks about rituals and ancient pagan traditions. it's really fascinating and interesting, I’d say it’s magic. 

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Francesca Scaltritti

Influencer & Freelance Interior Designer

Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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