The 3 Types of Lifestyles

All feelings like happiness, sadness, betrayal, romance, lust, anger, stress, anxiety, nervousness are trails of human life. We all breathe the same oxygen daily but the way we intake differs. 

In other words, we have the same mechanism but the way of using them is different for everyone. This depends on 3 broad categories of people.

Life gives two options for each experience, it may be for 2 seconds or 2 years but with the same options. "Either Live or Leave". Few intelligent people also create a third category to survive between to live and to leave.

Stupid Heroes

Let's talk about some outstanding people first. I call them stupid heroes rather than superheroes for what they think of themselves. These people come under the category "to leave".

As movies portray superheroes as legends who never care about self-love, self-interest and also remove the word "self" from their dictionaries. They believe in making others happy, live for other's welfare by dumping their happiness, and leaving themselves with nothing except an empty soul.

Well they are not the negative heads, they are stupid heroes who think what they are doing by dumping themselves for other's welfare or their absence is heroic and people will see them as a true, loyal, soulful person.


As human nature, invention is in our blood so here comes the human-made category which I named as "survivors". They are the best example of a real survivor because they have the guts to live in between live and leave. They are capable enough to face heartbreaks, anxiety, loneliness, anger, betrayal.

And when they cannot resolve it, they leave it unsolved and again desire to live. This cycle goes on. They love this cycle and according to them this phase is full of chaos and they live the toughest lifestyle. But they are not admitting the reality that living in chaos is the simplest way of lifestyle.

You may have a question that how chaos can be easy. So, tell me one thing, what happens when you face chaos? When you have more than one option for each situation you will brainstorm and choose the best one and the process of brainstorming here is known as chaos.

Don't you think leading life with multiple options is easier than being clueless?

Category 3 

Do you find my talks negative?

You know why?

It's simple because the truth is always bitter. So, here goes the most negative category. I couldn't name them cause it’s pretty hard to define them in few words. They are the world's most greedy, lustful, and craving souls. Their lifeline is lust because they always crave for the eternal desire to live.

They are at their extreme level of greediness that they won't spare any moment of their life without spending time on it and appreciating it. Don't they sound crazy? Actually yes, they are crazy. I call them sometimes irresponsible because they don't aim their destiny and live wildlife.

Reason are given below:

1. They are like hysterical people.

2. They believe being alone is also a sign of peace.

3. Being sad is just taking a break from everything.

4. Stress is a sign of love towards their beloved who are involved in it.

5. They can leave without expectations.

6. Romance can be wild and exuberantly.

Every step is towards themselves because they learned the art of finding love and happiness from other's happiness and love. So, they are also selfish and free souls who believe labyrinth is adventurous, not tedious.

None of them are wrong. All of them just lead a different way of lifestyle with a different perception. 

But the funniest part is those from the second category love to run in chaos cycle without any returns except chaos again. ”I prefer rats are still worth producing electricity”. And people from the first category, I don't have words for them except these - RIP self-love.

Written by - Vijaya

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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