The Prospects of Artificial Intelligence

Everyone reading this article has observed the change in the technology that happened within the last decade. Suddenly there was a rage in the usage of artificial intelligence in almost all the sectors, from mobile phones to robot waiters. It is not possible for anyone to not have used AI in some form, in this day and age.

Let’s first discuss what AI is. According to Wikipedia, Artificial intelligence (AI), sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that typically require intelligence that can be compared to the human level. It’s an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches and the advancements in this field are creating a paradigm shift in every sector of the tech industry.

From the beginning of the development of AI from 1956 to 2020, it has been used in a plethora of ways ranging from talking to an emotional bot on your phone to landing a plane. AI has found its way in almost every sector in the technical industry.

The State of AI 

Statistically speaking - In 2019, artificial intelligence had a market value of USD 39.9 billion worldwide and is expected to grow to 42.2% in the next 30 years. Without any doubt, it can be concluded that Artificial Intelligence will become the most powerful technology in the coming decades. This technology has made several things possible that were not even imaginable two decades earlier. To understand where we are right now, it is important to understand how these breakthroughs took shape. While neural networks have been theorized since the 1900s, data constraints did not allow them to be successful until the mid-2000s. This victory led to an expansion in the research and capabilities of this that allowed machines to learn patterns in the forms of data.

In June 2018, India’s national think-tank, the NITI Aayog, released a discussion paper on the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The paper said the country could add US$1 trillion to its economy by using AI with the current resources available. Right now, in India, the majority of the research work in AI is in the agricultural and defense industry. These are the indication of the potential of AI in India but it is not comparable to the US and China today.

The Potential of AI

AI can make the world a better place by improving health resources, providing better education, increasing wealth, and providing more opportunities. It will take the current potential in the tech industry forward while offering the potential to do it exponentially by not leaving anyone behind. Artificial intelligence is a topic that shares the maximum area in global research.

When NASA first started using AI to program its Mars rover to choose a path on its own whenever any blockage was detected, there were a lot of dilemmas, because one wrong step by AI could’ve costed them millions of dollars. Before the use of AI, scientists used to stop the rover there itself and analyze the situation by the photos provided by the rover and after doing several manual calculations, they would program the new path for the rover and this endless process kept on repeating. Initially, scientists used to check the path suggested by the AI with their manual calculations, and when they saw that the results almost matched and without human calculation error, they started using it and it changed a lot in the upcoming research of the AI. And now, NASA uses AI in many machines.

In the very near future, the trend towards using more and more AI will rise in every sector But soon, questions will get raised about the efficiency and the dependence of AI. As the demand for AI is increasing, we will be able see its real potential.

The World That AI Might Create

When it comes to artificial intelligence, one thing is very clear: It is a growing presence in our everyday life. But this clarity ends when you ask: What will it encompass?

According to some experts, a world with the growing usage of AI would mean more jobs and opportunities but a contradicting view also exists which thinks that AI would lead to the loss of jobs and maybe can even be a threat to the very existence of humans. Some think that this technology can make us smarter and some think that the dependency of AI is the most harmful dependence. By analyzing all these views, it can be said that AI has all types of reactions to its usage.


The most innovative inventions of this century will be with the help of AI. Self-driving cars, robots, and automated disease diagnosis are all products of an emerging AI revolution that will reshape how we live and work. With the increase in demand, we'll need a lot of talented engineers working and it will create a lot of job opportunities. Some ways in which AI can change the future are given below:

Data Analysis

One of the fastest-growing industries because of AI is data analytics. AI would be able to detect patterns and work on it in a better way than a human being. This will enable the businesses to provide the right product for the customer depending on their choices. The partnership between IBM and Fluid is an example of this. Fluid, which is an online retail Company uses an AI created by IBM.

Face Recognition

The new Face Recognition in the phones is a step towards the AI future in mobiles. In the coming years, we can't even imagine what AI can create. Facial recognition maintains the security of the client. Maybe in the coming years, we would be able to use face recognition to detect a person's mood, telling whether they are happy or angry. 

Cyber Security

The applications of AI in cybersecurity will help keep our data safe. Cybercrime has been increasing rapidly in recent years and AI will help to curb the growth of cybercrime. Any attack on the enterprise costs the brand more than just the money. Despite so many technologies present, we are still not able to prevent hackers. AI can stop these attacks by recognizing these attempts at the initial level through better data processing.


The world of using AI to give directions has found its place outside the written pages in a practical environment. We see Uber, Ola drivers using Google maps to transport anyone from their source to destination. It has become such a reliable source that we will not even hesitate to go in an alien territory on its instructions. This shows our trust in the accuracy of the AI robot.

Job Creation

Several jobs in various sectors such as data analytics, marketing, advertisements, cybersecurity, etc have opened up because of the increasing use of AI. We need more scientists, engineers to work on AI so that the development and the innovative inventions do not stop here.

Emotion Bots 

We are rapidly seeing the increase of emotion bots on our mobile phones and laptop. Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana shows AI that can comprehend human language and can produce results based on the interpretation. This is the advancement that we have achieved within a decade. In 2015, a robot called 'Pepper' was put on sale and all 1000 units were sold within a minute, indicating that the need for such a bot was on a large scale.

Marketing & Advertising

The usage of AI in this field will increase the efficiency of marketing organizations. In an industry where optimization and benefits are the main targets of the product or service, AI will act as a cherry on top for these industries. When the optimization process will be taken by AI, the focus on sales and advertising costs, etc can be handled in a better way, providing better revenue for the company. 

Written by - Rashi Jain
Edited by - Shivansh Shandilya

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