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Rooh Unplugged

To all the aspirants of music, I would like to suggest is do what connects you, soul, play what you feel, and with full honesty and passion rest, everything will follow

1) Tell us about your background and journey. 

Coming from middle-class families and different backgrounds altogether but the one thing that stood mutual to us a group was always music. Our formation of the band began at an event where Rahul our Rhythm guitarist was working for some other band but came at that specific event as a guitarist. 

There myself (Anshul) and Rahul met and discussed to work in near future. Then in our city, Bhopal open mics started to boom in the late 2016-17's where I and Rahul began to perform there and started to kill it. From there we came up with the name Rooh Unplugged. 

After a year full of open mics and gaining confidence eventually we started our gigs journey where Amit as a lead guitarist and Sumit as our percussionist and drummer joined us. Rahul, Sumit, and Amit coming from the same musical family had the sync required to kill at any given stage. 

Soon after we four as a core team started to perform for various events be it Clubs, Pubs, Corporates, Wedding. 

YouTube came as a mutual agreement to show what we could do best with our musical touch and taste and cater to a larger audience. For the first video, we just brainstormed what we liked and recorded it. It was a rendition of two very popular tracks, we recorded and shot it and uploaded it. 

To our surprise, it took off in a way we didn't expect it. A new channel, first video and we got 10k views in less than 24hrs that point of time which we thought were great, to begin with, but as the days passed on the video kept growing in numbers. Soon it crossed 1 Million views and we couldn't have asked for more. 

Today the same video is grossing at 14 Million plus views and our channel has 131k Subscribers entitling us to a Silver Play Button from Youtube which we received last year, and that gave us an exposure to the wider audience in our country. 

We then started to perform in various Concerts and college fests in some of the very prestigious institutes which helped our audience to grow rapidly and also simultaneously we were working on our YouTube content also. 

2) When did you first decide you wanted to pursue music and how did it start? 

As I told about myself (Anshul) that I was always shy and underdog throughout my life till college. After going to college some of it remained the same but something definitely changed. 

There was a college event happening at our University in which they wanted some backing vocalists so I tried and gave my audition and to my surprise, I was selected. 

From then on I felt that this is the best place one can be at, it gave me a sudden adrenaline rush, and then on from there I started to learn more and by god's grace kept performing wherever and however I could in the best-given opportunity I ever came across. 

Rahul, Amit, Sumit had a musical family background. Amit has been performing for over 10 Years now with his leading and bassists skills he has always been among the favorite musicians in the city. 

Rahul learned from his brother Amit and started off as a bassist but soon after realizing he could do wonders at the Rythm section he practiced and became a full-time Rhythm guitarist giving a strong backbone to the band.

Sumit was the last to join the clan and he also learned from self-observation, first the percussions then the Drums, and now acts as a full-time drummer to Rooh Unplugged. 

3) Who are your favorite artists and why? 

Our favorite artists have been the ones who keep the music alive in a different way. We really love Amit Trivedi, Maroon 5, Arijit Singh, AR Rehman. 

4) Can you throw some light on opportunities one gets as a musician? 

As a musician its always about your skill and what difference you can bring and add to the table. As a musician, the whole aim of doing music should come firstly out of passion, and with that, it requires to keep up your skill. 

In today's time, there are a lot of budding musicians coming up but the industry has equal opportunities for everyone who knows how to deliver the best. 

5) Is formal training required or can one train themselves purely on the basis of talent? 

Of course, formal training is a must to make your career long-lasting. To survive solely on talent is a myth and one should always strive and learn the max he can in order to achieve excellence in his work. 

6) What does your typical day look like? 

Our typical day is usual as any other musician. We get up and do our regular stuff be it our jamming sessions, making new content or in the other case performing live somewhere so we always plan accordingly and invest our times. 

7) What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists? 

To all the aspirants of music, I would like to suggest is do what connects you, soul, play what you feel, and with full honesty and passion rest, everything will follow. Also in the coming age do not run to achieve fame but strive to always make good content. 

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Rooh Unplugged

Musicians - Band 

Anshul Sisodia - Vocalist             Rahul Haveliya - Rhythm Guitarist 

Amit Haveliya - Lead Guitarist     Sumit Haveliya - Drummer

Interviewed by Tuhina Rana

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