Some Not-So-Feminists Things You Should Oppose

We are in a generation where social media has given us a platform to raise our voices. Social Justice Warriors are booming, cancel culture is thriving. There is significant growth in Instagram influencers, Twitterati, the ultimate netizens.

We consider ourselves as activists in one issue or the other whether it is for the clout or the fire in us for a revolution.

We are in a labyrinth of issues that are constantly surging and receding, saying these are the causes that we need to fight for, movements that we need to join, people or organizations that we need to cancel because it is time to stand and fight for what we believe in, right? To be and to bring the change?

Feminism and Toxic Feminism

For quite a long time, we have had this wave of movement to crush patriarchy, break stereotypes, uplift, and empower women to no longer be oppressed or our voices suppressed. To break down discrimination at home, workplaces, political, educational, and other institutions. This is what Feminism incorporates.

As we are constantly flooded with an unending stream of materials online and with everyone expressing their opinions on social media including numerous tweets and retweets, posts and reposts, it leads to a mass network of widespread information reaching the ears of many, who might not take the time to make adequate research on the topic before passing it onto someone else.

The idea of Feminism as such has also been so strongly diluted by everyone’s point of view that it has strayed away from its originality leading to the concept of ‘toxic feminism’.

Unlike Traits of True Feminism:

Among a wide range of traits that toxic feminism holds, let's look into two most common yet rarely spoken of:

1. Misandry

Yes, misandry is a thing and it stands for prejudice against men. Feminism becomes toxic when you take on a double standard policy when you generalize men and mistreat or hate them for the misbehavior of some.

This popularly incorporates conflicting microaggressions against men for the sole reason that they are male by using derogatory remarks such as “all men are trash”, “men only want one thing”.

Hating on men or any other gender for that matter does not justify any movement nor does it help anyone. Anti-male is not the way to realize the goals of feminism.

2. Sexism

Some so-called feminists endorse sexism by advocating the idea that women are superior to men and they fight for this belief by oppressing men. 

No gender is superior or inferior to others. This is not what actual feminism stands for but it is slowly beginning to turn into the glorification and celebration of women which is okay until it is to the extent of slamming men over it.

Using “mansplaining” to brush off every opinion set by men or terrorizing men over issues like “manspreading” is just absurd and unnecessary. Please note that the liberation of women does not mean the oppression of men. The actual strife for feminists is not women over men but that women should be treated as equals to men.

Effects of Said Traits

It is so important to continuously keep our vibes in check for any sort of unhealthy and toxic mindset. When we spread awareness on issues like this, we must ensure that it is free from any biases because:

a. It paints an ugly notion of feminism
b. People begin to perceive feminism in the wrong tone
c. The erroneous concept of feminism gets internalized by many, therefore
even women themselves become agents of patriarchy
d. Ultimately, it’s concept is discarded as a whole.

It is a beautiful day to crush patriarchy and break stereotypical gender
norms. So let's do it the appropriate way.

Written by - Kim Houkip

Edited by - Anusha Vajha

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