5 Side Hustle Jobs That You Can Do


In this pandemic, we are not that motivated. We forgot how we used to hustle earlier. And if you want to achieve something in your life then I think hustling is mandatory for everyone. For example, You want to be the top scorer of your class. And if you are doing nothing for it then you are going to regret it.

So it's better to hustle for it earlier than regretting it later. If you want to earn extra money then you need to do side hustle. And remember that Hustle and Side hustle are different words with different meanings. If you do some kind of work for a living then it's a hustle and if you are putting some extra effort to earn from then it’s a “Side hustle” as the term suggests.

You might be earning well, but still, if some extra work can give you extra bucks then why not.

So, some of the ideas are:

1. Sell Service on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most emerging websites. Fiverr had helped in the emerging Gig economy. Some of the fiverr’s users are earning six figures. You can sell any kind of service and skill here. But if you want to succeed then you would have to put in some extra effort. You need to deliver strong content at low prices as compared to others.

2. Create Youtube Tutorials

You think you are good at something then you should never do it for free. Haha! Why not earn some money by making tutorials videos on youtube. Yes, if you want to earn side bucks then you can make tutorials videos. Try to make the video creative as possible and this way you can attract a lot of viewers. If you get lots of views, then youtube is going to pay you for that. But there is also competition. So, If you want to earn a lot then you will have to hustle for it too.

3. Become a Content Writer

Writing is your hobby? Then why not earn some money from that. You can apply for an internship as a content writer and this is going to give some stipend as well as experience. Today all companies need content writers for their website or social media. And It is also an emerging task in 2020 as people are locked down in quarantine so they prefer being a content writer by working from home.

4. Do Babysitting

You like being around children or babies? Why not try being a babysitter. Many people want someone to take care of their children. An interesting thing is that you only need to babysit them or play with them. Isn't it fun? And babies are adorable too. And it’s better to be productive than wasting time on the phone. Provide a top-notch service, they will pay you well for that.

5. Participate in Marketing Groups

Some people are too good at convincing people. They can sell anything they want to anyone without wasting much time. How can they do this?? Well, this is what we call marketing. There are many network marketing groups out there. You will only have to sell items for them. And every piece of item you sell will be commissioned. And for it, you don’t need any special training. Every marketing company has a different approach like some do advertisements, some sell products, and some sell service.

One last tip that you should always remember is to work hard and always keep learning. Life is like an ocean and you have to keep moving forward or the wave will take you back, so you have to fight if you want to survive in this world. The powerful tool in the world I know and gaining knowledge is not that hard.If you have access to the internet then no one can stop you from achieving greatness.

Written by - Tarun Agrawal

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