Are Indian Mother’s Happy?

Happiness is merely an abstract concept. It changes with time, place, and person. A child finds happiness in a small candy and the same child when grows up finds happiness in something else; money, car, etc.

When we talk about happiness, we usually generalize it on the basis of age or gender. But in this piece of article, let's see where happiness lies in the spectrum of Indian mothers.

'People Around Them'

When it comes to Indian mothers, their happiness depends on multiple things. Basically, their happiness isn’t based on themselves but on the people around them. 

A mother is constantly judged by society. If a child does a mistake, the mother is blamed; the husband is a drunkard, she is questioned and any misfunctioning in a house is on the head of the mother. So how do you expect her to be happy?

But even in these circumstances, there are mothers who are happy, because they don’t bother about society. All they care about is the well-being of their family. They find happiness within that. Is that the case all over India? Definitely not! 

Gandhiji once said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Everyone wants a mother to be happy, but no one is ready to change themselves in order to see her happy.

Being in their shoes for once and understanding all that they go through and changing yourself accordingly, can bring so much happiness for them. 

Under Confidence

In most cases, a mother’s happiness gets corrupt because of her own perception. No matter how happy her family is or how near to perfect her children are she always questions herself: “Whether I am doing the right thing?”, “Am I a good mother?” and whatnot.

This under confidence is every mother’s biggest enemy. To fight against it isn’t easy but with her family supporting her and acknowledging her can help her to great extent.

In simple words, most Indian mothers are not as happy as they should be. If you ask them about their happiness, they’ll probably answer it hastily or tell us that she’ll be happy if her family is happy. Haven’t most of us heard her say that? And what have we done to change that answer to yes? 

Need to Put Efforts

I guess some of you have put in your efforts or maybe some of you haven’t put in your efforts. If you haven’t also, it's not your fault. All of us are busy catching up on our life. 

But maybe after reading this article, maybe you could spare an hour of your time on a daily or weekly basis and appreciate her for all she has done. To tell her how happy you are and how much you are relieved because of her.

I strongly believe that, what we do to others, we surely do get it back one way or another. Basically, karma exists. You keep your mother happy and you will be happy in the future when you have a family life or maybe in other ways, if not through kids.

All mothers deserve to be happy. Like it or not, I do blame the societal burdens. They keep on pressurizing them no matter how much they have done. No matter what they have done or how much they have sacrificed; if something goes west, they are the ones blamed.

The day we change ourselves and don’t go with the crowd, that’s when we will see a change. That’s when our mothers will become happy. They’ll be so relieved that the happiness of mothers won’t be decided by society but on how her family treats her.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying, every mother’s love lies in her family, more importantly, her children. You kids are what keeps the fire alive in your mother. Keep encouraging her and keep making her happy. Your happiness makes her happy. So be happy and keep your mothers happy.

Written by - Farheen Firoz

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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