If You Have the Will to Pursue and the Passion to Follow, You Can Find Opportunities Everywhere - Summia

 Wildlife photography brings me immense happiness and I try to devote as much time to it as possible apart from my regular job as an eye surgeon.

1. Tell us something about your background and journey.

So my journey is somewhat enthralling. I have done MBBS and MS and am a full-time Ophthalmologist by profession. People usually question what a doctor like me is doing in this profession. Well, photography has always been my passion. My father Dr Inderjit Singh, is a professional well-known wildlife photographer himself. 

Watching him capture captivating photos and graphics of fauna of distinct habitats thrilled me from a very tender age. I have been profoundly attached to nature since my childhood. I used to travel with my father and with every journey the realization for my photography passion instilled deeper.

Wildlife photography brings me immense happiness and I try to devote as much time to it as possible apart from my regular job as an eye surgeon. Capturing the flights of birds and the still animals is my never-ending thirst. I have observed a quantum leap in my knowledge of holding a camera in the last two years or so and I wish it improves furthermore.

2. How and when did you realize your passion for photography?

It happens you see when you see your parents doing something exciting you too in some way or the other get attracted to it. The same happened to me, my father as I said is a wildlife photographer with prodigious followers and a doctor too.

During my childhood days, I went on several trips with him to different places and we together used to capture photographs of different animals. With so much fervour and love, my father captures moments that I couldn't help myself falling for the same passion.

I learnt photography from my dad and I literally have no idea when my casual interest in wildlife turned into an all-consuming gusto. It was really one short journey.

3. What are the important skills that one should have to be a successful photographer?

When you do something with vehemence then nothing can stop you from achieving your milestone. So, I immensely feel that passion is something you should greatly have in order to be a wildlife photographer. 

Without that, you may fail in capturing. Commitment is another important thing that you should possess. When you choose photography as your career then it's highly crucial to stay committed. 

There will be times when you won't be able to get the exact shot even after trying hundreds and thousands of times but real photography lies in not giving up. One needs to be patient and fully devoted while taking photos.

Wildlife photography becomes really tough in jungles and it becomes utterly difficult to take the perfect shot. You have to lie on the ground and on your knees.

It's also physically taxing as you stay in jungles in an open jeep for several hours. So I would say that one should practice forbearance in order to be a successful photographer.

4. What are the various opportunities available for aspiring photographers?

If you look closer there are tons of opportunities available for all the aspiring photographers. Only if you have the will to pursue and the passion to follow, you can find opportunities everywhere. 

You may find several photography competitions happening all around, step up a little and participate in those events. The talents embedded in you are not something to be kept secretive. 

You can use the internet to show the world what you have and gather a mammoth audience through it. There is also an easy availability of equipment and free tutorials on the internet. It just requires a little dedication and a lot of passion.

5. What kind of books do you prefer to read?

Horace Mann rightly said, " A house without books is like a room without windows ". Reading books take me to some other dimension and I truly enjoy this experience. 

Being so passionate about photography my book preference also somewhat revolves around it. I would prefer Birds of Indian Subcontinent by Carol Inskipp, Leopards on the Rocks by Sanjeev Mangat, Fundamentals of Photography by John Greengo, The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman, Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. 

Apart from that I also have a love for Shakespeare, Austin Hardy and also everyone's favourite Harry Potter by JK. Rowling.

All these books are the closest to my heart. It's from these books that I have learnt so many things and have grown so much in my personal and practical life.

6. What are some tips you would like to share with aspiring photographers?

For all the budding photographers out here my tip would be to learn technical aspects of photography. Keep on learning and advancing your knowledge about the camera, understand the lighting and have patience. 

Everything will one day fall into place for your own good. Photography is not a piece of cake and will require a high level of concentration and consistency. Be passionate and keep on developing yourself.

                                 A Photograph Clicked by Summia

Summia Singh - Photographer

Interview by - Pallavi Surana

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