Paint Only What Interests You in the Way You Choose to Paint It - Suhasini Badam

My paint is inspired by the elements present in Nature like Green Fields, Mountains, Waters, Birds or through landscape photographs.

1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I did my bachelors in computer science and took a turn into the art field unexpectedly. Having no knowledge in this field was challenging to start, grow and to set my mark in this field. It took a lot of time and effort. And, I am glad that it is happening eventually.

Now I am a full-time freelance watercolour artist working for different art brands and I do commission paintings for different companies and clients. I'm also into teaching. I often conduct workshops and teach on platforms like Skillshare and YouTube.

What I love about watercolour is that a lot of happy accidents occur. It is so therapeutic. Colour is a means to exert direct influence on the soul.
I keep learning to achieve the kind of style and ease that I like to have in my works.

2. Who is your favourite artist and why?

Can't name one. I love a group of artists all around the world whose work I admire like Amit Kapoor, Sujit Sudhi, Sikandar Singh, Sarah Moore, Shibasaki etc. Each of them has a unique style of painting and never fails to impress me. I always look at their works when I need some inspiration. There are so many other artists, I inspire from and who amaze me with their talent.

3. Is it a financially stable career?

The Straight answer is it DEPENDS. It depends on the audience you have. Financially art doesn't pay us more when compared to other day jobs. I do it out of passion and some others do their day job and art simultaneously to support their financial needs.

4. Where do you get inspired to create art?

What can be more inspirational than the breath-taking nature around us. I am a landscape watercolour artist. My paint is inspired by the elements present in Nature like Green Fields, Mountains, Waters, Birds or through landscape photographs. As Vincent Van Gogh said, " If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere"

5.What kind of book do you prefer to read?

Besides Books on Art and watercolour paintings, I love to read and I mostly read books on Mind, Body and Soul.

I feel strongly influenced by them. Especially I love to read books by Dr.Brian Weiss. Besides that, I often read fiction books.

6.What piece of advice would you like to give to the future aspirants?

Paint only what interests you in the way you choose to paint it. Don't change your approach to gain sales or fame and acceptance. You will never do your best work if you do.

Compete only with yourself. Be authentic. Good things take time, Be patient.

-  Suhasini Badam: Artist

Interview by - Pallavi Surana

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