Khushi Jain - Anybody Can Be a DJ but Not Necessarily a Good DJ

If you are really, really passionate about something, be determined and work on it. Do your research, make a plan, become qualified, be flexible, do not give up and be positive

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I come from a very traditional Marwari family, have done my MBA, and I did a job for 4-5 years. I got really interested in DJing, and I learnt it professionally, that’s about my background.

My journey has been very, very nice. There were a few ups and downs because being a female DJ in the industry is not that easy. What people see from the outside is that she is a female DJ. She is always travelling, has glam and all such judgemental thoughts.

You have to struggle, you have to make your own place, you have to fight every day to reach where others are so it's not that easy. Thus, my journey was not a cakewalk, but it wasn't that bad as well. Yes, there were highs and lows, but these are a part of everyone's journey, so they were on my journey as well.
2. Is DJing a mainstream and financially stable career in India yet?

DJing is a mainstream business, but you have to keep on growing, you cannot just be dependent like ok, I am a DJ and just get stuck there. You have to keep improvising, keep experimenting, start learning production, start producing music.

In the field of music, there are several opportunities. But yes it's a financially stable career in India because there are a lot of DJs and if you really work hard and focus on it, then definitely you will be successful. In my opinion, you should always keep a plan B because nothing is permanent.

It's not something like a job, for instance how pandemic affected with no events happening, all clubs and lounges were shut. So, you cannot wholly depend on just DJing, it is always good to enhance your skills and explore new avenues.
3. Who is your favourite artist, and why?

I have always been inspired by Swedish House Mafia and Nervo. Swedish House Mafia because I have travelled with him during their India Tour. When I was working with Percept, they motivated and inspired me to become a DJ.

I had a conversation with them which I still remember vividly, and they have a different aura like they can inspire anybody, and that's how I got inspired. They are my favourite artists, and I can listen to them anytime.

Nervo because they are the only female DJs in the world who had inspired me to be where I am today. I keep following them, I keep checking what they are doing in their lives, how they are doing their shoots, how they are making music. So definitely they are my favourite artists.

In Indian DJs, I am a diehard fan of Madoc. He has inspired me, encouraged me, motivated me and always supported me in the industry.
4. What are some of the common myths about your profession?

The first myth about my profession is that anybody can be a good DJ. This is not true, anybody can be a DJ but not necessarily a good DJ. Another common myth is that it's an effortless job. It looks very glamourous and easy, but it is not.

The third common myth is that every DJ knows how to mix. Unfortunately, it's not true, everybody cannot mix. One myth I personally don't like is that DJs get paid to party. Sorry, we don't get paid to party, we get paid to play the music at the party, we get paid to entertain the people at the party.
5. How and from where can one gain formal training for being a DJ?

There are a lot of DJing schools, classes, workshops where you can learn DJing, get professional training. I personally suggest that you should just ask a DJ working somewhere near you, playing regularly, to teach and train you.

This is how I learnt. It's my personal opinion, I don't believe in going to school as I cannot learn in a group. So that's why I hired a DJ who taught me at my home.

6. What are the kind of opportunities you get after being a DJ?

Definitely, you get a lot of opportunities. You can work in different cities, you can travel, and you get to play in various clubs. Once people start loving your work and you become a little famous, you start getting gigs outside India. Like I have travelled to 14 countries, played in 14 countries till now in 3 years.
7. What is your message for people who want to make their passion a profession?

People who want to turn their passion into their profession, firstly discover your real passion. If you are really, really passionate about something, be determined and work on it. Do your research, make a plan, become qualified, be flexible, do not give up and be positive.
8. Which is your favourite book, and why?

I am not a reader; I don't read much, but there are a few books which really influenced me, and one of these books is The Secret. I thoroughly follow the secret law of attraction. So that's my favourite book.

Khushi Jain
DJ | Music Producer | Influencer

Interviewed by - Shruti Kaval

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